Fire Medic

Fire Medic

Take your skills as a firefighter to the next level with a Fire Medic associate degree. Explore physical training, advanced firefighting techniques and the latest equipment in Gateway’s state-of-the-art HERO Center in Burlington, WI. Prepare to save lives by increasing your knowledge of important emergency techniques and paramedic procedures. Your exceptional training and expertise will help you stand out as you begin your thrilling firefighting career.

  • Stand out in your field by learning all aspects of fire service. This program teaches both firefighting tactics and paramedic techniques to ensure that you’re fully equipped for a fire service career. 
  • Develop your leadership skills by joining the Gateway Association of Fire Students. Participate in networking activities such as fundraising, visiting fire museums and attending conferences. 
  • Train hands-on with professional hand and power tools, hose lines, extraction equipment and other fire and EMS tools. You’ll also train at local fire departments and complete two hospital field studies.
  • Learn from the experts, such as experienced Gateway instructors and local fire chiefs. You’ll do more than just listen to them talk – you’ll work with them side-by-side! 
  • Put your skills to good use after graduation and begin a rewarding career in the fire service industry. Save lives, promote safety and make a difference in the community while earning a great living. You also have the opportunity to transfer to Carthage College with junior status to earn your bachelor’s in Allied Health Science through a 2+2 agreement with Carthage.
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HERO Center

Financial Aid Eligible


Estimated Program Cost

Tuition & Fees: $11,141
Books & Supplies: $4,744

Start Dates


Salary Outlook


Career Opportunities: Firefighter/Paramedic, Fire Medic

Fire Medic Career Pathway

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