Civil Engineering Technology – Highway Technology

Our society runs on its roads and public infrastructure. Transportation engineers design the driving surfaces, medians, overpasses, shoulders and other structures that shape the way our area looks, moves and feels. With Gateway’s Civil Engineering - Highway Technology associate degree, you’ll gain skills to help with surveying, developing digital models, inspection and construction project management. You’ll enter a high-demand job market with a range of skills to help build and maintain our society.

  • Merge your career into the fast lane by studying with expert faculty who use their professional experience and advanced degrees to design hands-on learning that gives you real-world experience.
  • Learn hands-on in highway technician classes at the SC Johnson iMET Center in Sturtevant or our Elkhorn Campus to develop the design and inspection skills you’ll need on the job.
  • Build your professional network by studying with skilled faculty, collaborating with classmates, working with industry partners with real-world projects, joining the Civil Engineering club and meeting professional alumni guest speakers.
  • Flexible course scheduling allows you to work in the industry while you take night and weekend transportation engineering courses available in your third- and fourth-semester.
Program Credits



Elkhorn Campus, SC Johnson iMET Center

Financial Aid Eligible


Estimated Program Cost

Tuition & Fees: $10,927
Books & Supplies: $4,964

Start Dates


Salary Outlook


Career Opportunities: Transportation Engineering Technician, Civil Engineering Technician, Engineering Construction Technician, Land Surveyor, Public Works Inspector

Civil Engineering Technology – Highway Technology Career Pathway

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