Flip the switch on a career in electronics, and prepare to test, install, maintain and repair all types of electronic equipment. Gateway’s Electronics associate degree program will ensure you’re ready to move into a well-paying career. You’ll satisfy your need to solve problems and work with your hands, as our expert faculty train you using state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Work hands-on in our next-generation labs with digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, circuit simulation software, and soldering and desoldering equipment to get the training that local industry employers need.
  • Get certified. Increase your value to employers by preparing to earn national certifications as you complete courses in DC, AC, digital, analog, multimeter and industry safety.
  • Build your resume. You’ll earn Gateway’s Electronics Technician Fundamentals technical diploma  after your first two semesters in the Electronics program. 
  • Enter a competitive field. Electronics technicians are in high demand, and Gateway graduates are prepared to enter the workforce in a wide range of exciting careers.
Program Credits



SC Johnson iMET Center

Financial Aid Eligible


Estimated Program Cost

Tuition & Fees: $11,252
Books & Supplies: $4,886

Start Dates


Salary Outlook


Career Opportunities: Electronics Technician, Electrical Technician, Calibration Technician

Electronics Career Pathway

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