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Civil Engineering Technology - Fresh Water Resources

As fresh water becomes one of our most valued resources, you can obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a career that can help preserve this valuable resource.

Gateway Technical College’s Civil Engineering Technology – Fresh Water Resources associate degree program helps students learn civil engineering design and construction, coupled with advanced education in specific areas of environmental assessment, water treatment, storm water management and erosion control.

An environmental technician assists in storm water management, environmental assessment and water sampling and testing. They also set up, test, operate and modify equipment for preventing or cleaning up environmental pollution as well as conduct pollution surveys, collecting and analyzing samples such as air and ground water.

Program courses will teach students how to utilize graphic techniques to produce engineering drawings as well as utilize modern surveying methods for field measurements, design storm systems for hydrological events, understand the treatment process for water and fresh water and design an erosion control plan for a given construction site.

Courses are offered at the integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technology (iMET) Center in Sturtevant. Students can also access courses through the Nodal network on Gateway’s Elkhorn Campus. The Nodal workstation is equipped with headphones and webcams, providing two-way audio and video communication across the internet, including the ability to share screens, allowing students to fully participate in class as if they were in the classroom at iMET.