Success Stories

The Gateway family and community helped me to get through some tough times as a student and through the pandemic. They were there to give me that extra push during the hard times and I will always remember that.

Megan Bahr, Graduate

Jose Lopez
It's a very positive thing that Gateway has done for me - they provided me with the education and a course to follow to be successful.
Without the Promise, I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to go to college.
Sean Mack
The people who teach at Gateway are passionate, and that was really important for me.
Malachi Kemen
I looked all over the state at colleges, and Gateway was the best.
I received a raise when I graduated. My employer sees a big change in me.
I’m able to say I have an education. I have a small business. I have a family that I’m in love with. That’s my life – and Gateway has been the key to my success.
Abigail Sheehan Dental Assistant Program
Service learning let me see all sorts of real-world work situations, and that was eye-opening.
The Gateway family and community helped me to get through some tough times as a student and through the pandemic. They were there to give me that extra push during the hard times and I will always remember that.
Jack Holtman
Nothing my instructors said was pointless – everything I learned was pretty useful to me. I could always take away a lot of real-world knowledge from what was being taught.
Tom Visintainer, graduate
I use what I learned at Gateway every day. I love my job and my career.
Castrena Woods Step Up program
Step UP made me step up. It’s a community here, and those staff members understand you, relate to you, and they made me feel it was okay to be in college as a single mother. They kept me motivated and focused.
Jamie Hawkins, graduate
I have a dream job working at a place I love. I wouldn’t have even known about these possibilities without Gateway.
Jennifer Perez
My program adviser has gone above and beyond anything I have experienced before ... He provides support not just for papers or paperwork or policies or the class – he helps me to know what I need to succeed.
I wanted to work and go to school at the same time. Gateway’s program allowed me to do that.
Jenni Galek
My Gateway instructors taught me some great skills, helped me to gain the tools I need. They teach you real stuff. Information that’s real, that you know you can use.
I realized I couldn’t do it without a degree.
Richard McLaughlin
What I like about the lab is that it is hands-on, and I think we are all hands-on learners.
I’m finishing up the Mechanical Design Technology program right now. And I already got a job through the reverse career fair that Gateway held a few years ago.
Logan Jeppesen
Gateway is where I learned to love learning. I am who I am today because of the folks at Gateway.
Laura Valeriano
Gateway has helped me to have a better life.
Chad McGinnis
Everything I learn here is completely applicable to the field. I use it every day.
Betsabe Castillo
I did have some basic knowledge, but the Gateway degree really helped me run the business.
I could tell my instructors genuinely cared about us as students and wanted us to succeed. I never felt hesitant to reach out to them and could always count on them…
Marina Schwenk
Gateway enabled me to hit the ground running. I knew if I didn’t have that degree, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
LaShon Stevens
So many people who were near and dear to me were either faculty there or were students there. Gateway was a local college, too, so it was an easy decision.
Jeanine Drier
I was married, had kids, but I didn’t have a career,” she says. “I didn’t have that final piece to the puzzle that everyone should have. Gateway helped me to do that.
Cesar Martin Del Campo Torres
Everything I learned at Gateway I use in my career – everything from English to engineering. It’s all useful.
Paola Eke Business Management
Gateway is so economical compared to other stateside universities and colleges. And the campus life is great too, especially since there are so many opportunities to work on campus. I look forward to the rest of my stay here!
I plan on continuing my education. I know Gateway's got some great partnership programs with engineering schools, and I think I want to take advantage of that.
The Step UP Program helped me prepare for the real world and professional life.
The things that would help me the most from my Gateway experience are definitely the hands-on learning, and then help from the instructors and just using the resources here I feel would help me when I move on to another college.
Alyssa Bock
Without Gateway, I would still be in college, have racked up a lot of debt and still not have reached my career goals.
I think Gateway has really set me apart from others who are graduating and others who are my age.
I truly believe this: The more I learn about Gateway, the more my fondness grows for the college. They are truly meeting people where they are at and helping them to carry the load and realize their educational goals.
Being able to serve the college that helped me to get a start on my career is very rewarding, knowing that I get to give back to the community that saw me go through middle school, high school, college, off to a four-year college and into my career.
Angelique Ortiz
En nuestras clases podíamos aprender con ejemplos reale. Eso me fue de gran ayuda cuando ingresé al mundo laboral.
Manal Nabeel
Study abroad gave me the opportunity to see things and feel the moments that cannot be felt through pictures and videos. It gave me the opportunity to make friends that I never thought of.
Sherry Carrion
‘What am I doing? Where am I going?’ And HOPE reassured me, ‘Yes, Sherry, you are making the right decision.’
Being that far into my education was great... I had about a year and a half of credits earned when I graduated high school.
Cora Spicer – Greenhouse Operations
Anyone who has the opportunity to do a Study Abroad trip should do it… it’s such a great experience.
Berenice Lorenzo
I’ve used every resource Gateway has – tutoring, the library and others. It has all helped me. Gateway’s resources like tutoring have helped me to increase my grades and keep me motivated.
I feel confident in the skills I’ve learned at Gateway, and those will help me in my career.
I think Gateway's doing a great job of preparing me to reach my ultimate goal, which for me is to become a licensed firefighter and EMT.
Achille Infusino
Gateway prepares students to get into the employment market quickly while providing opportunity to grow their opportunity and their educations at many four-year colleges and universities.
After I decided to leave health care, I knew I had to find something. It was really on a whim that I found the Construction Management program – and here we go. I couldn’t be any happier.
Going to Gateway and earning the diploma gave me even more motivation to continue. I love my job and look forward to the opportunities which will come my way, and to continue my education and earn a nursing degree.
It was a big decision to go to Gateway and to enroll in the Promise program, but I am happy I did that.
I didn’t feel like I was just going to college. Gateway is a part of me. It’s an amazing place.
TJ Leveque
We welcome any opportunity to partner with Gateway. We see eye-to-eye with so many folks there.
Juanita Perez
I had a good experience the first time around and a great experience again. Actually, it was 10 times better than what I had expected. It was really great.
 Abigail Sheehan Dental Assistant Program
I have a newfound respect for what I’m studying. My career interests were affirmed through the Study Abroad experience.
That was the overall comment I was hearing – go to Gateway.
Going back to college might feel a little scary, but Gateway alleviates any fear someone might have. I feel like I'm in good hands.
Issela Pulido, Surgical Technology Graduate
I've been in the surgical technology field for over a year now, and the program at Gateway most definitely prepared me for the job.
We did some work at Gateway in the lab, but I appreciate this experience at an actual job site so much more.
Ivory Billups
I had gone through some financial hardships and thought I would have to take a semester off. The scholarship really helped me. I didn’t feel like I had to put off finishing my degree ...
Richard Shouse
I believe students should choose Gateway because of the unmatched value we represent. Our state of the art labs offer a unique opportunity for the student to learn in a fun and challenging environment.
Angela Pocklington study abroad
The different things that Gateway has offered me to be a part of, like Study Abroad, have been really enlightening.
Brain Moon
I knew it was time to go to college to enroll and get the official education that would help me to land a job and succeed.
I wanted to get my degree, though. I wanted to be in the program and finish it. Because of Promise 2 Finish, I’ll be able to do that.
I feel like I’m getting prepared for my future inside and outside of the classroom. I love and appreciate everything I’ve been offered here at Gateway. It feels like home.
The Step UP Program, for me, was my first time really getting an idea of what college life could be like outside of the classroom. It helped create a sense of camaraderie and community for me.
Mark Kleisner
Did a quick interview on the phone, and they fast-tracked me – I was working there within two weeks. My supervisor knew Gateway had a solid program, simple as that.
I realize now that anything is possible. I didn’t believe that before – but now I do, because of Gateway.
I had been nervous about learning everything online, but having the support across the college’s services was really encouraging.
Hunter Orlowski
I feel great knowing that not only I accomplished all of this before I graduated high school, but gaining this college degree will give me the edge I need for my career and business.
My instructors also opened my eyes and made me realize that there are many different aspects to this profession, many different ways to help people … My possibilities are endless.
Jacob Allender
For me, this feels awesome. Not a lot of people can say they earned their high school and college diploma at the same time. It’s awesome that I already have a job in my career while people I know are still going to college.
Barbering is something I always wanted to do....and I felt like it was time for me to get my license and take my step seriously. Gateway gave me the opportunity to do that.
Gregory Patchel
The program is fast-paced and challenging, but successful students often find themselves quickly sitting right seat in a regional or corporate jet.
Gateway prepared me well for my career. You try to get as much information as you can during the classwork, but I think the best thing was the clinicals. Technically, you are in the real world, able to practice all those skills you’ve learned.
I wanted more than a degree, I wanted that career security – and I knew I had to come to Gateway to gain that. I wanted to be part of something that the world needs …
Years ago, my grandfather was heavily involved with Hawthorn Hollow. This is a place that’s dear to my heart, so it was a really special thing for me to be a part of what they do there through a Gateway service learning project.
Leslie Fonseca
Gateway has been a really good college. Everyone here, from the faculty to the staff, just wants the best for the students. That’s made my experience here great.
Gateway has prepared me to be successful… I was able to apply everything I learned here, build amazing friendships and learn how to work with other people outside of just class.
Brianna Price Social Media Testimonial
Gateway is one of the easiest colleges to work with. Their faculty are so communicative and bring us so many great students to work with. We love that.
Giselle Alva
The nurses at the hospital were amazing, and I looked up to them. I saw how they had the ability to change someone’s life and how they were with the patients every step of the way. I said I want to be like them.
Education is power. It gives you the freedom to fully live your life.
Raul Luis Antonio Computer Support Specialist
Gateway really cares about your success!
Guadalupe Jaramillo
Yo obtuve ese título y las puertas se me abrieron. Este es un campo que busca gente que sepa lo que hace y la capacitación que me dieron en Gateway me ayudó a saber qué necesito para tener éxito.
The college gives you hands-on experience, which is much better than working on digital models.
Jessica McEvilla
I landed a job right after graduation. And that employer was really so impressed with my technical skills and work output.
Gateway students are curious. They want to see how things work. They want to take the technical skills they’ve learned in class and use them. It’s been a very positive experience.
Jimena Murguia-Espino
They hired me for that position right after I completed the Gateway program. I went to the front of the line -- I didn’t have to wait two years.
Pina Ifegwu Eke-Ibe nursing student
One of my school instructors told me about Gateway because she has a brother who lives in Wisconsin and attended Gateway. She sent me a link to the website, I applied, and eventually, I got here.
Cora Hjelmberg
I like helping people, and that pushed me to at least try it to see if I liked it. I liked it a lot, so I took my state tests, passed them and I am where I am now. I’m happy.
Gateway is the one college we work with, and it’s not just a good partnership. It’s a great collaboration.
Stevi Sterling
I will be 20 years old, I will have earned two degrees in careers I love, I am employed in a career I love and I hope to one day own my own shop. All of this was possible because of the Promise and Gateway.
Micheal Randolph, EdD
Gateway provides a great opportunity for individuals to advance in their educational goals with cost effective tuition. I enjoy providing students with the educational and technical skills needed to be successful.