Registration Dates

Knowing your registration date and registering for classes on that date is the best way to ensure you get into the classes you need to achieve your academic goals and stay on track to graduation. You can find your beginning registration date on My Gateway under Registration and Schedule | When Can I Register? Registration dates vary depending on your status as a Gateway student: 

  • Continuing program students are given a Priority Registration date based on the number of credits they have completed and can register during the Priority Registration period. In order to register during the Priority Registration period, continuing program students must be active in an associate degree, technical diploma or advanced technical certificate program.
  • Service members* are given their own advanced Priority Registration date and may register one day prior to their standard designated registration date.
  • Students with a disability* with a pre-approved advance Priority Registration date may register one day prior to their standard designated registration date.
  • Newly admitted program students may register during New Program Student Registration.
  • Post-secondary students who are not accepted to a program may register during the Open Registration period.

Note: You will not be able to register if you have an outstanding debt with the college.

Spring 2022 Registration Dates

Priority Registration for Program Students
Date Day Eligibility*
November 8 M Students with 60 credits with advance priority registration approval.*
November 9 T Students with 60 credits completed.
November 10 W Students with 45 credits completed.
November 11 R Students with 30 credits completed.
November 12 F Students with 20 credits completed.
November 15 M Students with 10 credits completed.
November 16 T Students with minimum 1 credit completed.
November 17 W Students currently enrolled with no credits complete.
November 18 T New program students with advance priority registration approval.
November 19 F New program students
Other Registration Periods
Date Day Eligibility*
November 8 M
  • Adult Continuing Education (ACE)
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE)
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Traffic Safety 
November 22 M Non-program students with advance open registration approval.
November 23 T Open registration