Registration Guildelines and Information

Receiving credit for classes

To ensure you receive credit for your classes and are able to attend: 

  • You must be officially registered for that class; you are not able to sit in on a class if you are not registered. 
  • If you are dropped from a class, you are not eligible for reinstatement at the end of the semester and are not eligible to receive credit for the class. 

Enrollment Status

Student enrollment status is determined by the number of credit hours you are registered for each semester. A full-time student has registered/enrolled in 12 or more credits. A part-time student is registered/enrolled in less than 12 credits. 

Auditing a Course

To attend a class without receiving a grade or credit, you must register using the normal registration process to audit the class. The tuition and fees are the same, whether you audit the course or take it for credit. Information regarding the exception for senior citizens auditing postsecondary classes is below. You must officially change your audit status by submitting this form within the first 20 percent of class. Upon completion, you will receive a grade of AU (audit).
If you are auditing a class, you cannot change your enrollment in the class to credit-seeking or vice versa after the first 20 percent of the class has met.
An AU (audit) grade does not count toward program credit or program completion.

Senior Citizen Audits

Wisconsin residents age 60 or older on the start date of the class may audit a technical diploma or associate degree class without paying the tuition portion of the class fee, provided space is available in that class. Only non-tuition fees, such as material, activity and other miscellaneous fees will be charged. Forms for requesting a senior audit are available at any Student Services Center. If a senior citizen wants credit for the class, regular registration procedures and charges apply. The regular audit rules apply to changing from credit-seeking to audit and vice versa.

Senior Citizens and ACE Classes

Wisconsin citizens 62 years of age or older on the start date of the class may take Adult Continuing Education (ACE) classes at a significantly reduced rate. A student in this category is not charged tuition for the class, only non-tuition fees, such as material and activity. Contact any Student Services Center for information.

Students may not audit courses and then take the final course(s) in a credential on a credit basis for the purpose of earning a credential. The intent of offering courses on a senior citizen audit basis is to offer opportunities for a student to take a course for personal enrichment. If the student decides to pursue a credential, courses attended at Gateway toward earning the credential must be paid for on a credit-seeking basis.