Disability Services Priority Registration Details

Contact with a DSS Instructor is strongly encouraged 10 days prior to the standard designated registration date to be confirmed, processed and ready for you to take advantage of this benefit. You must meet with the DSS instructor prior to each registration period to receive or continue priority registration. It is your responsibility to notify the DSS instructor when these accommodations are necessary.

Students who may qualify for priority registration include those

  • With mobility impairments that adversely impact their ability to get from class to class in a timely fashion;
  • Who cannot attend classes during certain parts of the day due to documented medical needs (chemotherapy, renal dialysis, long term medical condition, other health impairments, etc.);
  • Who follow a strict medication or treatment regimen that impacts students ability to attend classes during certain times;
  • Who use services requiring specific coordination of services on DSS's part to arrange (interpreting, CART, Braille, etc.).

Eligible Disability Support Services students will be able to register starting at 6:30 a.m. one day prior to the standard designated registration date.  Registration dates are based on student status:  continuing program students (determined by program acceptance and number of credits completed), new credit program students and open registration.

Login to My Gateway and select Registration and Schedule | When Can I Register.  As soon as your eligibility has been confirmed, this link will accurately reflect your new registration date.