Secondary Gateway Logos

In order to keep consistency and deepen our brand presence, Gateway’s official logo should be the primary logo used when promoting the college. The development and use of secondary logos will be limited as follows: 

College Department and Programs

Departments and programs may request a paired version of Gateway’s logo with a department or program name beneath it. The Gateway logo remains the primary element with the department name below to communicate that it is a part of Gateway Technical College. These paired logos help maintain unity and consistency across the college. 

Examples of department paired logos:

Gateway Libraries Stacked Logo

Gateway EMT Program Stacked Logo

Gateway Tutoring Services Stacked Logo

Gateway Marketing and Communications Stacked Logo

Facility Logos

  • Campuses: As the primary locations of the college, Gateway’s main campuses should be identified using the college’s official logo. 
  • Centers: Secondary logos can be requested for Gateway’s center locations. Logos should reflect and include the college’s name and brand colors to communicate that the center is a part of Gateway Technical College. 

Initiatives and Campaigns

At times college initiatives may require unique logo graphics. These are limited instances and must be pre-approved by the Executive Leadership Council (ELC). Note that these logo graphics will not replace the college’s logo and should align with the college’s brand. 

Accepted Colors for Department, Program and Facility logos:

  • Gateway’s official logo colors are PMS 201 (burgundy) and PMS 1795 (red). Departments/programs are always identified in PMS 201. These colors should be used whenever possible. All white and all black are also approved one-color options to be used as needed.
  • For web, Gateway’s official logo colors are R-186 G-12 B-47 (burgundy) and R-238 G-39 B-55 (red).
  • No other colors or combination of colors should be used in department/program logos. 

Additional Usage Guidelines

  • All departmental, program, facility and initiative logos should be created by the Marketing and Communications department. No department should develop their own logo. 
  • Department, program and facility logos should be secondary to the use of the official Gateway logo. Official college publications, communications and websites will still feature the official college logo. 
  • Always keep your logo in proportion. Do not stretch or skew the logo.
    Stretched Stacked Logo Do Not Use

Grandfathered Secondary Logos and Wordmarks

Certain departments, initiatives and locations have established logos, which were designed by the Marketing and Communications department prior to October 2019. These secondary logos can continue to be used as appropriate. 

Examples of grandfathered secondary logos:

Gateway Promise Logo    Gateway Foundation Logo

Sustainable Gateway Logo