College Logo and Seal

Our logo is the cornerstone of the Gateway brand, ensuring we have a strong, consistent and recognizable presence in the community. These guidelines were created to better promote Gateway’s identity, create uniformity and increase recognition of the college on campus and in the community.

Official Gateway Logo 

The Gateway Technical College logo is the main representation of the college. As the primary symbol of the college’s graphic identity, it should be used on all brochures, business cards, stationery, websites and publications. Altering or changing the official Gateway logo is prohibited, including on promotional items and clothing. 

The following are the only official, approved versions of the college logo.

Gateway Logo Metallic

Use only with prior approval.

Official Logo Colors

  • Gateway’s official logo colors are PMS 201 (burgundy) and PMS 1795 (red). These colors should be used whenever possible. All white and all black are also approved one-color options to be used as needed.
  • For web, Gateway’s official logo colors are R-186 G-12 B47 (burgundy) and R-238 G-39 B-55 (red)
  • No other colors or combination of colors should be used in Gateway’s logo. 
  • The colors used in the logo below are outdated and should no longer be used:
    Old Gateway Logo Do Not Use

Official Logo Sizing

  • As a general rule, Gateway’s logo should be a minimum of three inches wide in print, electronic and web publications.
  • The logo should be three inches wide on promotional products and branded clothing whenever possible. The Marketing department must approve any sizing below three inches. 

Official Logo Fonts and Typeset

  • When a part of the logo, the name of the college must be printed in Berthold Imago Medium Italic.
  • The words “Gateway Technical College” must always be used in the logo.
  • No other words or images can be combined with the logo, unless a specific variation is created and approved by the Marketing and Communications department.

Additional Usage Guidelines

  • Always keep the logo in proportion. Do not stretch or skew the logo. See examples below:
    Stretched logos do not use
  • The logo should be used in its entirety. Please do not dismantle or use pieces of the logo.
  • The Gateway logo should not be stacked with a secondary logo. Instead, spell out the department name/program of study name beneath the official logo.

Gateway Technical College Favicon

The Gateway Technical College Favicon is only to be used by the Marketing and Communications department. Fill out a Marketing and Communications Request to request a web or app-based icon.

Gateway’s favicon: 

Favicon example image

Gateway Technical College Seal

The official college seal is a historical symbol. Use of the official Gateway seal is limited to ceremonial services or specific publications (such as on formal documents, diplomas or letters from the registrar); or as deemed appropriate by the Gateway Technical College District Board or the college president. The Nursing seal and Law Enforcement Academy seal are also considered official logos and should only be used for specific publications and with prior approval.

Please file a Marketing and Communication Request to request use of the official seals and logo below. 

Official college seal: 

 Gateway seals for official use only

Nursing and Law Enforcement Academy seals:

Gateway Nursing Logo   Law Enforcement Academy seal

Additional Usage Guidelines

  • Official seal colors are black, white and burgundy (PMS 201). 
  • The seal should not be sized smaller than .75 inch by .75 inch. 
  • The seal should be used in its entirety and should not be dismantled or used in pieces. 
  • Always keep the seal in proportion. Do not stretch or skew the seal.
  • Do not change the color of the seal unless given permission by the Director of Marketing.