Telecommunications Workshops

Telecom is much more than phones; it’s the life blood of today’s organizations--connecting communication devices, networks, computers, manufacturing systems, supply chains and schedules. Our telecom workshops are led by industry experts and provide hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment, and many fulfill industry continuing education requirements.


Hand Tool Safety (Snap-on)
This safety, maintenance and tool selection workshop is ideal for anyone who uses hand tools to learn about a variety of tools and how to properly use them. 

Basic Electrical for the Non-Electrician
This course provides an introduction to and overview of basic electrical systems from the perspective of home wiring. You will discuss maintaining/installing AC systems, AC system operation and troubleshooting. 

Basic Electrical Tool Safety (Snap-on)
Learn basic electrical safety and how to properly and safely select and use electrical tools to develop an understanding of various electrical tools and their specific uses.

Voice, Data, Video Test and Termination (Greenlee/NC3 Copper)*
Learn the proper use of tools, testers and applicable standards for terminating and performing wire verification testing on copper communications cabling.
Satisfies 12 hours of continuing education requirements for Wisconsin electricians.

Fiber Preparation and Termination (Greenlee/NC3 Fiber)*
Understand the history of fiber optic cabling and the importance of structured cabling standards by identifying various types of fiber optic connectors and their applications. Demonstrate safe and efficient use of fiber optic hand tools, fusion splicers and the accessories used with fusion-splicing equipment. 
Satisfies eight hours of continuing education credit requirements (CEC’s) for Wisconsin electricians.

Fiber Testing and Troubleshooting (Greenlee/NC3 Fiber)*
Fiber optics cabling is the core of business today. As network speeds and bandwidth demands increase, fiber optic cabling is critical to our infrastructure. This workshop teaches the safe and efficient use of tools for testing and troubleshooting fiber optic systems. 
Satisfies five hours of continuing education credit requirements (CEC’s) for Wisconsin electricians. 

Fiber OTDR Theory & Operation*
Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs) test and analyze optical fiber transmission quality. Learn principles of OTDR, industry terminology and how to test fiber optical cabling using this technology. 
Satisfies three hours of continuing education credit requirements (CEC’s) for Wisconsin electricians.

BICSI IN101 Installer Level I - Certification
This six-day course provides entry-level installers with the knowledge they need to terminate various types of copper connectors. Learn pathways, spaces, bonding and grounding, fire stopping and how to choose the correct tool and use the correct methodology for specific tasks. 

BICSI IN225 Copper Installer Level II - Certification
This course sets a foundation for copper-based cable system installation by teaching you how to read and understand cabling drawings, plans and specifications and how to interpret the job plan and scope of the work as related to copper installations. 

BICSI IN250 Fiber Installer Level II - Certification
This course sets a foundation for optical fiber-based cabling systems. Learn to interpret drawings, plans and specifications as well as how to properly test and troubleshoot optical fiber installations. 

BICSI TE350 Technician A & B- Certification
Join an elite group of installers who possess this high level of skills training. Take your installation performance to the next level through the study of specialized systems, and advanced copper and optical fiber structured cabling systems. TE350 A is part 1 and TE350 B is part 2 of a 40-hour course that provides the necessary skill set for the structured cabling systems technician. 

Fire Stopping I - Certification
Learn the basic concepts of fire and fire stopping for commercial buildings. Successful completion results in earning a Unique Firestop Certificate.

Fire Stopping II - Certification
Building on Fire Stopping I, this workshop teaches the selection and installation of fire stopping systems for commercial cabling installations. Participants have the opportunity to earn a FIT Level I Fire Stopping Certificate.

*This course satisfies Wisconsin electrician continuing education credit requirements.