Motorcycle Rider

Bring your dreams of hitting the open road on your motorcycle to a roaring start! Gateway offers two Basic Motorcycle courses, which are supported in part by the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The curriculum is established by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 

Class experience

You’ll learn to ride in a group environment with instructors providing individual coaching and instruction to help you succeed. Instructors strive to provide a safe, effective and efficient learning environment. Your fellow students may have varying levels of experience, and everyone will be treated fairly and with respect. The Bike Rider courses employ a learner-centered approach to teaching the skills progression. Advantages of our courses include: 

  • Successful students do not require the road test through the DMV
  • Possible insurance discounts
  • Point reduction on previous motorcycle violations
  • Educational advantages for learning safe driving techniques

Training Schedule

New class offerings will be made available beginning Summer 2023. Browse available courses here.

Student expectations

  • Exercises build on both prior experience and the skills, knowledge and confidence acquired throughout the course. If you are unable to consistently achieve exercise objectives, instructors may counsel you out of the course. 
  • Students behaving in a reckless, disrespectful or unruly manner will be dropped from the class at the instructors’ discretion. 
  • It is natural to be nervous about learning to ride a motorcycle. While some fear is to be expected, excessive fear can lead to tension and ultimately to mistakes on the riding range. If instructors perceive that you have an excessive amount of fear or confusion and are a danger to yourself and other students, they will counsel you out of the class. 
  • You must be on time and attend each session to pass this course. The attendance policy is strictly upheld. Students missing and/or late will be immediately dropped from the entire course with no refund of course fees. 

MSF eCourse

Registered students must also complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundations eCourse prior to the first day of class. This online course is a highly interactive program that provides riders with the basics of motorcycling. The eCourse must be completed fewer than 30 days prior to the class start date. If you have completed the eCourse more than 30 days before the class start date, you must re-take the eCourse for free by logging in and checking the “Start new attempt” checkbox. You must bring your printed eCourse Completion Certificate to your first class. Take the course here