Motorcycle Rider - FAQs

When do classes start and where are they located?

Classes run May-June. Classroom and Range sessions are held at the Horizon Center.

Does Gateway provide bikes?

All motorcycles used in the Basic Motorcycle Rider Course are provided by Gateway. Several models are available to choose from and your instructor will help you choose the best fit. Student-owned motorcycles are not allowed in Basic Motorcycle Rider, but may be used for Basic Motorcycle Rider Course 2.

What is the cost per class?

The cost is $270.35 for residents, which includes the cost of the MSF Basic Ecourse. You will receive an email with information on how to complete the ecourse after registering. Please note: out-of-state tuition fees apply for non-residents.

Is the class good for motorcycle licensing in other states?

No, the class is only good for motorcycle licensing for Wisconsin residents through the Wisconsin DMV. Out-of-state individuals may take the course, but will not get the motorcycle license rating in another state.

What are the attendance requirements?

Students must be present on time and attend all sessions to successfully pass the course. This attendance policy is strictly enforced.

Do I need an Instruction Permit before taking the class?

No, you do not need an Instruction Permit.

What are the age requirements?

Students must be at least 15, and students age 15 must have a high school principal letter of recommendation. Students 16-17 must have a waiver signed by a legal guardian and students 18+ must possess a driver’s license.

What equipment is required?

Students should come to class with long pants, a long-sleeved jacket and sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear. Students are required to provide their own, properly fitted, DOT-approved full face or ¾ helmet. No ½ helmets allowed. Glasses and gloves are also recommended. We do not have loaner gloves or glasses.

Are refunds available?

A student must drop a class before it begins in order to qualify for a full refund. Drops are student-initiated, in-person, by submitting a completed drop form to any Gateway registration office. All refund rates are calculated on the date the drop transaction is completed. Non-attendance or notifying your instructor that you will not be attending does not constitute a drop.