Motorcycle Rider - Available Courses and Registration

Available Courses

Basic Motorcycle Rider (BRC) - 16 Hours (816-427)
This motorcycle rider course is designed for beginning riders. The course was developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and approved by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. It consists of five hours of online coursework and ten hours of on-cycle instruction, including introduction to motorcycle controls, riding, basic maneuvers, basic street riding, skill improvement, maintenance and insurance. Lightweight motorcycles for class will be provided. Students will need to provide their own helmets.

Motorcycle Basics-2 (BRC2) - 8 Hours (816-424)
Already have basic rider skills? Register for the Motorcycle Basic Rider Course-2 (BRC2) Course. This course is not for first-time riders; participants must possess the basic skills required to control a motorcycle, and must bring their own motorcycles. This is an excellent refresher or those who already have their Class M license or for experienced riders seeking to obtain a Class M license. This 8-hour course includes a classroom component focusing on street strategies and rider decision making based on past riding experience and current knowledge. An on-cycle instruction component will include a skills test for the license waiver. After successful completion of this course, students will receive a waiver form exempting them from taking the Wisconsin Department Motorcycle In-Traffic (MIT) skills test to obtain their Motorcycle Safety Foundation completion certificate. MIT waivers are not issued to riders already possessing an M license. 

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Motorcycle training courses are workshops. Workshops can be found at: , or by clicking on the browse available course link.


Registering for motorcycle workshops is now done online with a credit card at: Student services can no longer help with registering.

Waivers and forms

The following individuals are required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to obtain a MV3575 Proof of Enrollment (Motorcycle Skills Test Proof of Enrollment Waiver Authorization) in order to obtain a motorcycle temporary permit:

  • Anyone under the age of 18
  • Anyone that has been issued three temporary permits from the DMV
  • Anyone that has failed two motorcycle skills tests with the DMV

Regardless of where a student registers or the location of their Basic Rider Course, requests for MV3575 Proof of Enrollment Waivers should be made at the Kenosha Campus only or by calling 262-564-3900. Requests should only be made after course enrollment. If a student fails to attend after having been issued a waiver, the Department of Transportation will be notified immediately. All other students will receive their waiver upon successful completion of the Basic Rider Course. Students will have exactly one year from the date of the end of the class to get their M endorsement on their license. After one year, students will need to retake the class in order to get another waiver. Gateway Technical College does not require students to have a temporary permit in order to take the Basic Rider Course.

Students under the age of 18 will need a Gateway "Personal Enrichment" form signed by their parent or guardian in person witnessed by the motorcycle instructor on the first day in-person day of training.