Business Technology Operations Workshops

Give your team the skills and knowledge they need to maximize the power of their computers and watch productivity skyrocket! We offer basic to expert-level software workshops in an extensive selection of vendor-authorized applications from providers such as Microsoft, Visio, Adobe and Quickboks. 


Microsoft Word (Beginning)
Focus on basic word processing terminology and editing; basic formatting of text and paragraphs; basic insertion and formatting of tables; basic page setup and printing options; and basic insertion and formatting of a variety of objects such as shapes, pictures, hyperlinks, WordArt and symbols. 

Microsoft Word (Intermediate)
Learn how to format text, paragraphs, whole pages and multi-page documents; mail merging options; and options for inserting and formatting of a variety of objects such as SmartArt, Quick Parts and drop cap.

Microsoft Word (Advanced)
Upon completion, you’ll gain efficiency in MS Word and be more in command of advanced concepts for designing professional-looking documents. 

Microsoft Excel 1 (Basic)
Learn basic spreadsheet terminology and editing; basic functions such as Sum, Average, Min, Max and Count; basic spreadsheet formatting such as changing font, alignment, number and cell styles; basic charting tools; and basic page setup and printing options. 

Microsoft Excel 2 (Basic & Intermediate)
Discover functions to format text including Abs, Substitute, Upper, Lower, Trim and Concat; calculations using absolute references and order of operation; basic logical functions such as: If, Sumif and Countif; named ranges; and basic statistical and date/time functions.

Microsoft Excel 3 (Intermediate)
Explore 3D and external references and use in formulas; grouping and subtotals; sorting and applying filters on data; data validation and restriction; logical functions such as nested IF functions; special formatting such as table styles and sparklines; and paste special options.

PivotTables and PivotCharts
Learn to create and modify PivotTables and PivotCharts and filter data using timelines and slicers.

LOOKUP functions
Upon completion of this 2-hour workshop, you’ll be able to use LOOKUP functions to lookup and retrieve pieces of data from a dataset, combine data from 2 or more tables and classify/categorize data.

Microsoft PowerPoint Beginning
If you want to expand your basic computer skills, this 8-hour workshop is for you! Gain efficiencies while learning to create and edit professional-looking presentations. 

Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate
Learn to insert and format a variety of objects such as audio, video, SmartArt and hyperlinks; organize slides with sections; use advanced slideshow settings; customize templates and master slides; and use advanced saving and printing options. 

Microsoft Access Beginning
During this 8-hour workshop, you’ll gain efficiencies in creating, navigating and editing a simple database.

Microsoft Access Intermediate
Develop an understanding of relationships between database objects while learning efficiencies for analyzing and restricting data through this 8-hour workshop.

Microsoft Access Advanced
Learn about the design and purpose of more complex reports; outlines and calculations on reports; design and purpose of switchboards; macro recording of simple tasks; mail merging options; and data normalization.