Industry 4.0 Workshops

Industry 4.0 improves manufacturing efficiency and accuracy and reduces human intervention through the combination of manufacturing, engineering and IT to create smarter, more innovative machinery and technology. This technology has transformed manufacturing, and we are on the leading edge--embracing it full-force and providing training in Industry 4.0 equipment, processes and methodology. We’re here to help you implement Industry 4.0 into your organization and train your team as you work to gain all its advantages.


Industrial Control Systems/Programmable Logic Controllers
Industrial Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used in industrial settings to control the manufacturing process. Through hands-on lab experiments, you’ll practice working with robotics, programming principles, electronics and communication between system components. 

Industrial Robotics
This introduction to programming techniques for industrial robots examines I/O, routines, decision-making, six frames of positional operation and robot communication. Upon successful completion, you’ll be able to operate and program industrial robots. 

Industrial IoT (Internet of Things)
Investigate the range of sensor actuator devices, the ways in which they communicate and compute, methods for moving information and ways of visualizing and processing data acquired from the IoT. 

Mechatronics combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. This course examines their individual components, how they work and how they integrate into systems, as well as understanding their role in advanced manufacturing.