Fab Lab, Art and Design Workshops

Bring your ideas to life and open the window of possibility in the Fab Lab. We offer hands-on access to technology and equipment that’s on the leading edge of design, art and fabrication. Our doors are open to innovators, artists, engineers, tinkerers and hobbyists of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re looking to prototype a new part, gain skills, explore or just have fun exercising the creative and analytical parts of your brain, the Fab Lab is the place to be. 

We also welcome businesses and their employees to the Fab Lab. These workshops are a great way to practice team-building exercises that foster comradery and collaboration.


Introduction to Fab Lab
Gain an introduction to and overview of the Fab Lab, including the Lab’s history and origins, its application, implications and impact on education and the community. The session includes hands-on demonstrations of 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC routing and vinyl cutting. 

Fab Lab Fundamentals
This in-depth workshop allows you to create your own projects, focusing on safely operating Fab Lab equipment and using the software and control programs. Make sample projects using laser engraving, vinyl cutting and 3D printing and get familiar with other Fab Lab accessories, such as electronics soldering, scanners and digital embroidery machines.

Dremel Printer Training
Learn to set up the Dremel 3D40 3D Printer and to process a model for printing.

NC3 Dremel 3D Printer Certification
Explore set-up, operation and troubleshooting for the Dremel 3D40 Printer. Discover basic CAD in Tinkercad as well as techniques for slicing models for 3D printing. Upon successful completion of the course and a passing grade on the exam, participants receive Dremel Technician Certification. 

Roland Vinyl Cutter Training
Learn the set-up of the Roland GX24 and Cricut vinyl cutters and then create and design in both Roland’s Cut Studio and Cricut Design Spaces software. 

CNC Router - Mill Training
Learn the setup and operation of the Shopbot Desktop Max and the Roland MDX 40A Mill, involving an understanding of router basics, machine setup, safety, materials, cutting feeds and speeds and hold-down strategies. Training also introduces design and toolpathing in VCarve Pro.

2D CAD for Fabricating
Understanding the concepts of 2D CAD is critical to running computer-driven equipment is instrumental when adding media to your web page or social networks. This session introduces you to a variety of 2D software and the core concepts for using it with a focus on CorelDRAW and VCarve Pro.

Fab Lab Membership
This refresher workshop updates your membership for Fab Lab usage during Open Lab hours for the current semester. This session reviews safety, standards, lab protocols, new equipment and other recent additions and changes.

3D Printer Fundamentals
Dive deeper into setting up 3D printers by working on FDM, SLA and Polyjet Resin printers. This training goes into more detail about different printers, the various processes and how to adjust and troubleshoot the settings involved with slicing models. 

Fab Lab for Instructors
Explore ideas for integrating Fab Lab equipment into the classroom, developing networks and support groups and implementing cross-platform between instructors. This course is ideal for teachers or anyone interested in exploring Makerspace or Fab Lab Technician work. 

Digital Art 4.0
Learn the setup of the Roland GX-24 and Cricut vinyl cutters and then create and design in both Roland’s Cut Studio and Cricut Design Spaces software.