Fire Service

Gateway is proud to serve firefighters in our community by providing in-depth leadership and safety training to the first responders who keep us safe. These courses are perfect for firefighters who want to advance their careers, learn new skills and excel in positions of leadership. Topics include Technical Rescue training, leadership development and WTCS Fire Service certification options.

Academic Programs

For students just beginning their careers in the fire service industry, we offer two Fire programs that can be taken full time or part time to equip students with foundational skills and knowledge in firefighting. Both programs are offered at Gateway’s innovative HERO Center in Burlington, WI where students can simulate fire emergencies and practice in a real fire truck. These programs include:

The Fire Science technical diploma provides a strong foundation for a fire services career, teaching principles of fire behavior and prevention as well as the physical skills needed to work as a firefighter. 

The Fire Medic associate degree that further develops skills in leadership and emergency medicine as well as practice working with power tools and extraction equipment.

Continuing Education 

Company Office Leadership Academy (COLA)
Gateway offers the Pierce-branded Company Officer Leadership Academy (COLA) courses upon request. The courses are geared toward company officers/firefighters who aspire to become great company leaders. Students complete the Leadership 101, Leadership Simulations and Blue Card Certification courses to earn the COLA certificate. 

Blue Card Certification
Blue Card Hazard Zone Management is a command-centered approach to incident scene management. Its approach prepares the initial incident commander to develop, implement and manage an appropriate incident action plan. 
Blue Card Certification can be taken separately from the COLA program but it is a required course for students in the COLA program.

Technical Rescue Training 
Gateway offers Technical Rescue training at the Operations and Technician levels for these technical rescue areas: Rope, Trench, Confined Space and Structural Collapse. All of these training courses meet or exceed the NFPA 1006 and 1670 JPRs. 

Fire Certification Courses
Earn Wisconsin Technical College System fire training certifications, including Firefighter I & II, Driver Operator-Pumper and Aerial, Fire Inspector, Emergency Service Instructor and Fire Officer I & II. Other certification courses are offered as requested by fire departments in the Gateway district.