Leadership, Coaching and Team Dynamics Workshops

Develop valuable skills in management, critical thinking, conflict resolution and more through Business and Workforce Solution’s engaging Leadership, Coaching and Team Dynamics workshops. Whether you want to level up your tactics to earn that promotion or want to fill a skills gap, we’re here to help you succeed.


Supervising the Multigenerational Workplace
This workshop examines how generational issues are changing workforce dynamics and how supervisors can effectively guide teams of up to five generations of diverse workers.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Learn how to write an effective problem statement, briefly examine data and tools associated with problems and ultimately examine and learn the process to come to a decision. 

Conflict Resolution Tips and Techniques
Develop the skills necessary to be a resource for your company and increase your employability by being a conflict resolution expert. 

Leadership in the Age of Social Media
Examine the motivations behind what drives employees to post, how leaders should act or react and how to channel social media toward productive use in an organization. 

Time Management
Learn to track time in blocks, decide what’s most important and deal with those tasks first. Your time is your most important currency, so start spending it wisely!