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911 Dispatch/Telecommunications Officer

The 911 Dispatcher/Telecommunications Officer is the first-responder who needs to be ready to handle the initial call. This course includes training on the critical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be an Emergency Dispatcher/Telecommunicator. Once the course is completed, the student will receive their certificate from APCO-The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officers.

In addition to the basic APCO curriculum, other topics are covered such as

  • Criminal law
  • Special needs
  • Fire dispatch
  • Sex offenders
  • Courts and investigations
  • Due process
  • Special crimes: non-traditional organized crimes, terrorism, and serial killers
  • Officer, fire fighter and paramedic safety

Students will complete the course with a basic understanding and are ready to move into the On-The-Job phase. Supervisors of PSAPS (Public Safety Answering Points) will have a firm understanding of the position, making them more effective supervisors.

Program hours: 40
Course number: 555-402