Use of Logos and Colors on Promotional Items

Official Gateway Logo 

  • The Gateway logo can be used in combination with or school/program of study names after being approved by the Marketing and Communications Department.
    • When using a program of study name, please use the full name when possible not an abbreviation or part of the name.
  • The logo can also be combined with the college recruitment campaign messaging or taglines (e.g. Big Dreams #StartHere).
  • Internal programs (e.g. Gateway to Leadership and Wellness Committee) may be paired with the Gateway logo on branded clothing as long as the official college logo is primary and the internal program name is in a secondary location.
  • If a phrase, campaign or initiative other than Gateway’s current recruitment campaign messaging is requested for use on a promotional item or article of clothing, the Marketing and Communications department reserves the right to remove the Gateway logo. This includes internal-only, current student and other initiatives that do not have enough context to explain their pairing with the Gateway logo because these items will be viewed by people outside of Gateway.

Rudy the Red Hawk Logo and Red Hawk Character Illustration

  • The Rudy the Red Hawk logo and Rudy character illustration are reserved for items that promote campus pride and student spirit initiatives:
    Red Howk LogoRudy Mascot Illustration
  • The Red Hawk logo must be used in its entirety unless pre-approved by the Marketing and Communications department.

Color Use

  • The approved Gateway logo colors (PMS 201 and PMS 1795, all-black, all-white) cannot be altered when printed or embroidered on promotional items and clothing. No other colors are acceptable to use when printing or embroidering the logo.
  • Red Hawk  logo colors (PMS 201, PMS 1235, white and black; all-black; all-white; all-red PMS 201) cannot be altered when printed or embroidered on promotional items. No other colors are acceptable to use when printing or embroidering the logo.
  • Since color is an essential part of the brand identity, promotional items will be ordered in  Gateway’s official colors: red PMS 201 and red PMS 1795. College accent colors are also acceptable for the promotional item itself, but not the logo. (E.G. pens ordered in blue PMS 7691 must have the Gateway logo in two-tone red PMS 201 and PMS 1795, all-white or all-black). Non-recruitment internal-only, campus and student events may be exceptions to this, but the color scheme must still be approved by the Marketing and Communications department.
  • Colors or combinations of colors associated with other area institutions of higher education should not be ordered. Gateway is easily recognized by our distinct color palette. If we were to use a color not associated with Gateway, we may be mistaken for another college.

Additional Usage Guidlines

The below images are examples of acceptable promotional item mock ups. The Marketing and Communications department will work with you to determine an appropriate set up for your promotional items.

Stacked Logo Example ColorStaked Logo Example Black

Stacked version of the official logo is to be used only when needed on promotional items and embroidery for readability.

ref pen with logo
Gateway logo and

Pens with logo for programs
Gateway logo paired with program name

Sustainable Gateway logo on water bottle
Approved grandfathered secondary logo. No college logo used.

Yellow whirts with logos
Red Hawk logo in primary location paired with secondary logo in separate location for student spirit item.

Black polo with logo
Gateway logo in primary location paired with internal program name in secondary sleeve location.

t-shirts for campaigns
Student/staff campaign messaging item. No college name or logo on the item.