Strengths for Students

Gateway promotes a strengths-based experience to help students explore, value, and appreciate their unique talents and those of others. Using CliftonStrengths, students discover how they best approach learning and growth. They also learn to function more effectively in groups with diverse strengths, backgrounds, and experiences. Strengths enhance students' academic, personal, and professional development and success at Gateway and beyond. 

As a Strengths-based college, Gateway also offers many resources for students to further explore and develop their Strengths through hands-on workshops and reading materials from Gallup. Your Strengths journey as a Gateway Red Hawk starts here! 

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Gateway to Success

All first-semester Gateway students take Gateway to Success, a foundational course for academic and professional success at Gateway. Taking your Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment is part of the class.

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Strengths Workshops

Each semester, Gateway hosts weekly Student Success Workshops, and the Strengths workshops—Strengths Name It, Strengths Claim It and Strengths Aim It— allow students to delve further into their Strengths and use them to their full potential.

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Using the Strengths portal

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