Strengths Every Day

Strengths at Gateway

Gateway first committed to the Gallup organization’s CliftonStrengths program in 2007 to increase engagement, productivity and happiness as a Strengths-based college. Since then, Strengths have become the Gateway culture and the heart of how we make life-changing educational opportunities a reality. 

Strengths are a core component of training and professional development, and faculty complete an additional course on Teaching with Strengths. Gateway provides all students with free access to their Top 5 Strengths report as well, and multiple Student Success Workshops in Strengths are offered throughout each semester. Strengths are a key part of programs like the Gateway Promise, Step UP and student leadership, as well as the Gateway to Success class. 

Visit our Strengths Login page for instructions on accessing your Strengths assessment.

Know your top five strengths, but haven’t used the portal before? Find instructions on pages 4-6 of our Signing in to Gallup Access guide.

Why Strengths at Gateway?

Find out how Gateway furthers its mission and vision through Strengths, and connect with research on how Strengths improve the experience of work and learning.

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Strengths for Students

Knowing your Strengths improves your educational and career success. Thanks to Gateway’s United Student Government, registered Gateway students can get their Top 5 Strengths report for free. Learning Success also offers a number of Strengths-based Student Success Workshops each semester.

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Strengths for Faculty & Staff

Log in to Gateway’s Intranet to get exclusive staff and faculty access to our Strengths Toolkit and to learn about Strengths events, or login to Red Hawk Tech to sign up for Strengths trainings.

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