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Our College

Gateway Technical College collaborates with communities in Kenosha County, Racine County and Walworth County to ensure economic growth and viability by providing education, training, leadership and technological resources to meet the changing needs of students, employers and communities. Each year, Gateway’s 70+ academic programs provide a strong, hands-on education that forms the foundation for 18,000 students to meet their career goals.

Gateway Vision
We make life-changing educational opportunities a reality.

Our Mission
We deliver industry-focused education that is flexible, accessible, and affordable for our diverse community.

Our Values
At Gateway Technical College, we value:

  • diversity of individuals and perspectives.
  • a positive climate for working and learning.
  • innovation and risk-taking.
  • honest and ethical behavior.
  • quality and excellence in education.

Board Ends Policy
The tri-county community benefits from affordable higher education that allows residents to develop knowledge and skills for family-supporting careers that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the local economy at a cost commensurate with the value of services provided.

  1. Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills and self-confidence required for employability, career advancement, a global perspective, and lifelong learning.
  2. Businesses benefit from a well-trained, educated workforce and access to customized business and workforce solutions that support a positive business climate.
  3. Taxpayers receive a positive return on investment from Gateway’s impact on the local tax base, property values, and overall economic development as well as the contributions of graduates to the tri-county community.
  4. Families are strengthened by the prosperity of their graduates, reduced unemployment or underemployment, and the availability of local jobs for family members.
  5. Educational partners, locally, nationally, and internationally, connect their students to Gateway’s well-developed career pathways courses, facilities, and educational resources.