Vision 2024ward

Strategic Plan

Vision 2024ward

More than 500 community members, students and staff responded to a strategic priorities survey administered in 2021. The most common words that respondents associated with Gateway were “education,” “community,” “affordable,” “students” and “support,” reaffirming that Gateway is living its mission. Respondents were given a list of potential strategies to be included in the plan and selected their top five priorities. The college’s Planning Council and Executive Leadership Council incorporated those results into the development of Vision 2024ward, establishing the strategic directions and goals below. The Strategic Directions and Goals are numbered for ease of reference only and do not imply hierarchy.

Strategic Direction 1

Gateway is an agent for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Gateway will actively work to improve access and equity for underrepresented student groups. The college will employ evidence-based strategies to ensure that we are serving the learning needs of all members of our community.

Goal 1A: Reduce equity gaps in retention and completion for students of color, students with disabilities and veterans.
Goal 1B: Increase the enrollment and student success of the region’s growing Hispanic/Latinx population.

For more information, see the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

Strategic Direction 2 

Gateway programs and services respond to current and future community needs. Gateway must ensure that its programs meet evolving workforce needs, successfully linking students to lifelong learning and career opportunities. To do this, we must examine the relevance and effectiveness of the content and delivery of our programs and services in relation to the changing environment and customer expectations.

Goal 2A: Align the college’s program portfolio with future workforce needs and regional goals for increased degree attainment.
Goal 2B: Optimize the delivery of virtual learning opportunities and virtual services to maximize the efficient use of resources and align with customer expectations.

Strategic Direction 3

Gateway cultivates a positive climate for learning and working. Gateway strives to be a place where students and staff feel engaged, satisfied and proud to be Red Hawks. To do this, we must focus on working together to eliminate barriers and build systems that are supportive, transparent and equitable in their design and implementation.

Goal 3A: Increase student sense of belonging and well-being and reduce financial, technology and other barriers to student success.
Goal 3B: Increase employee engagement and inclusion through collaboration and communication/feedback among faculty, staff and administration.