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Graduation with Honors

There are three categories of Honors Graduates for students who complete an Associate Degree or Technical Diploma.  Two of them are Grade Point Average (GPA) driven. 

  • District Honors: 3.750 - 3.899
  • President’s Honors: 3.900 - 4.000

Provost's Honors graduates are students who receive honors credit for 12 or more credits in their program. Provost's Honors graduates must complete a contract with their instructor for a special learning project that will elevate their courwork to a Provost's Honors level.

Honors for purposes of the commencement ceremony are determined by your program GPA using grades posted to your transcript on or before April 1st. Your final program GPA is used to determine official honors status which will be recorded on your transcript. The appropriate honor seal is attached to the diploma/degree after final graduation verification. The program GPA listed on the program degree audit is the official GPA used to determine honors. Grade point averages are not rounded.

Guaranteed Retraining

Graduates may be eligible for up to six additional credits of free retraining if their employer certifies that they lack certain skills or if you has been unable to secure employment. Questions regarding retraining available under this policy should be directed to the Institutional Effectiveness/Student Success office.

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