Chosen Name and Identity

Chosen Name

Students use names other than their given names for a variety of personal or cultural reasons. A student may choose a name other than their legal name to identify themselves at Gateway Technical College. This chosen name process  allows students to provide the college with chosen first and middle names. Changes of last names and legal name changes are completed through the name change process.

Legal Name

Adding a chosen name does not change a student’s legal name as part of their educational record. The legal name will be used for college business or legal needs. Examples of such uses include, but are not limited to, official transcripts, diplomas, commencement programs, academic records, billing records, financial aid records, clinical placement records, licensing certification records, international student records, and employment, benefit, and payroll records. A student may initiate a legal name change by submitting a request and providing documentation of the legal name change.

Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Chosen Name

A student’s names, including legal and chosen names, may be disclosed to a third party as directory information unless the student has a privacy hold on their record. For further information, please refer to our FERPA page.

Gender Identity and Personal Pronouns

Students have the option to voluntarily self-identify a gender identity and/or personal pronouns. Gender identity is different from biological sex. For business and reporting purposes, the college is required to collect data regarding students’ biological sex. Gender identity and/or personal pronouns may be submitted by means of our Chosen Name - Gender Identity electronic form.

Use and Display of Chosen Names, Legal Names, Gender Identity, and Personal Pronouns

The chosen name and personal pronouns will be used where possible in the course of college business. Implementation of the use of the chosen name and personal pronouns will be gradual; this information is currently available on some, not all, computer systems, screens, and documents. It will be displayed on additional screens and reports as our software is updated. Students utilizing a chosen name should be prepared to reference their legal name as well as provide identification when necessary.