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Impact of Giving

Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships for students entering or continuing their studies at Gateway Technical College. Student applicants must meet criteria established by the donor and the Foundation.  Applicants are selected by a review committee who evaluate the student application based upon established criteria. Thanks to the generosity of thoughtful   donors, the Foundation will award more than $100,000 in scholarships to more than 130 Gateway students in 2014.

Scholarship recipients graduate at a 10% higher rate than the comparison group at the College. *

*For those of you who want more detail: 
The College Institutional Effectiveness Department studied students who received a scholarship in the academic years between 2009 and 2012. In comparison with the College's benchmark group, Foundation scholarship recipients graduate 10% higher than the rate of the benchmark group. (Graduation rate for scholarship recipients is 35%; graduation rate for the College's benchmark group (known as the Perkins Cohort) is 24.25%).


2014 Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony Program Booklet 

2013 Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony Program Booklet

2012 Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony Program Booklet

Meet some of our scholarship recipients

Mark Kleisner 

Melanie Kelley

Brenda Velazquez-Charo 

Timothy Roberts


Emergency Grants

Student Emergency Funds for students who are facing an unexpected, unanticipated event that can derail their Gateway College graduation.  As part of helping students to solve problems and reduce their barriers to succeeding at Gateway, students are required to visit with a Student Support Counselor at Gateway. One of potential ways to work through the emergency, students may apply for Student Emergency Funds. Funds are typically allocated once during the student’s Gateway career and are issued to a third party such as a gas or grocery card, landlord or mortgage company, auto mechanic or public transportation. If awarded, the Foundation will provide up to a $500 grant for the student.


GED Test Assistance Program

GED Test Assistance Program is for students who have not yet completed high school and need to take the next step of earning an associate’s degree or technical diploma by passing their GED test. The Foundation provides one-time $135 grants to students in need to cover the cost of the GED exam.

In order to receive this grant, a student must:

  • Pass the TABE test with a score of 10 or higher
  • Participate in 12 hours of GED test prep at Gateway
  • Pass the official practice test with a "green light"
  • Be applying to a Gateway associate degree, technical diploma or boot camp program
  • Have financial need


Inspiration Grants

Inspiration Grants for faculty, staff, or student groups to develop and implement high quality, innovative projects that advance learning and support College principles and/or the Gateway Technical College mission.

Foundation Access Fall 2013
Foundation Access Spring 2014 
Foundation Annual Report 2011


Project & Capital Support

SC Johnson iMET Center & Tarnowski Hall


Center for Sustainable Living – support provided by Joseph Kathy Madrigrano

Pike Creek Arboretum – support provided by Frederick & Joanie Brookhouse

Horizon Center