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Impact of Giving

There are several ways that members of the community can work with Gateway Technical College Foundation to impact to assist current and potential students.

Contribute to Gateway’s Scholarship Programs

Thanks to the generosity of thoughtful donors that contribute to Gateway's scholarship programs, each year the Foundation will award more than $200,000 in scholarships to over 200 students entering or continuing their studies at Gateway Technical College. 

Did you know scholarship recipients graduate at a 10% higher rate than the comparison group at the College? According to a study by the College Institutional Effectiveness Department students who received a scholarship between 2009 and 2012, the graduation rate for scholarship recipients is 35%; while rate for the benchmark group (Perkins Loan recipients) is 24.25%.

Visit the Gateway Foundation's searchable database to learn more about available scholarships.

Meet some of our scholarship recipients:

Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships are a wonderful way to honor a loved one or organization. The minimum amount needed to name an annual scholarship is $500. The minimum amount needed to name an endowed scholarship is $10,000. Please reach out to Jennifer Charpentier, Foundation Executive Director, for more details about this opportunity.

Visit the Gateway Foundation's searchable database to learn more about available scholarships.

The Gateway Promise

The Gateway Promise program helps ensure qualifying students seeking an education can begin their own path to success through a Gateway Technical College degree. With financial support from Foundation donors, the Gateway Promise ensures high school graduates in Kenosha, Racine and Walworth Counties who meet eligibility requirements, can attend college at Gateway tuition-free.

Inspiration Grants

Inspiration Grants for faculty, staff, or student groups to develop and implement high quality, innovative projects that advance learning and support College principles and/or the Gateway Technical College mission.

Contribute to Gateway’s Student Assistance Programs

A contribution to the GTCF can directed to support programs that help Gateway students overcome barriers to their successful completion of their studies. Two examples include:

  • Emergency Grants: Student Emergency Funds for students who are facing an unexpected, unanticipated event that can derail their Gateway College graduation.  As part of helping students to solve problems and reduce their barriers to succeeding, Student Support Counselors can help qualified students to receive a one-time grant up to $500 in assistance such a gas or grocery card, a payment to a landlord or mortgage company, auto mechanic or public transportation.
  • GED Test Assistance Program: GED Test Assistance Program is for students who have not yet completed high school and need to take the next step of earning an associate’s degree or technical diploma by passing their GED test. If a student meets a set of criteria, the Foundation will provide a one-time $135 grant to students in need to cover the cost of the GED exam.

Support a Special Project or Capital Initiatives

The Foundation offers opportunities for the community to invest in projects and initiatives that enhance the Gateway’s academic programs and facilities. Examples special projects made possible by contributions from individual donors and businesses in the community include:

  • iMET Center & Tarnowski Hall – support from SC Johnson
  • Bootcamps
  • Center for Sustainable Living – support provided by Joseph Kathy Madrigrano
  • Pike Creek Arboretum – support provided by Frederick & Joanie Brookhouse
  • Horizon Center

Support the Mission of the Foundation

The Gateway Technical College Foundation supports the mission of the College by raising community awareness and financial resources, broadening its base of support and providing programs such as scholarships, grants, and funds for educational growth. The Foundation will enhance the College’s tradition of excellence by being responsive to its needs and strengthening the vitality and well-being of the diverse communities it serves.

Donating directly to the Foundation in support of this mission not only supports the areas of greatest priorities at Gateway, but also you provides the Foundation with the flexibility to address new and emerging student and college needs.