In-kind Gifts

Academic programs at Gateway alert the foundation to their “wish lists” of equipment and materials that will be of benefit to their courses and students. Please see our College Equipment Wish List for details about currently wished for equipment.

What is an in-kind gift?

Property contributed to Gateway Technical College and/or the Gateway Foundation for use by the college. Property includes vehicles, real estate, business inventory, equipment, livestock, supplies, clothing or household items. Donors of gifts in-kind can generally receive a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the property at the time of the contribution.

What is not an in-kind gift?

Donors cannot deduct as charitable contribution any gift to a specific individual the value of their time or services or contributions from which they may benefit.

How to give in-kind gifts

To facilitate the acceptance of an in-kind gift, the In-kind Gift Acceptance Form can be forwarded to the individual accepting the gift on behalf of the College at the time of the gift.

If you are interested in donating property to the college for its use, please contact the Foundation at 262-564-2866. If you are currently working with a program, please speak with your contact about your interest. The college will determine if it can accept your generous offer.