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Name Email Department Job Titlesort descending Campus Phone
Peterson, James Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Adjunct-818
Lambert, Michael Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Adjunct-818
Sitron, Thomas Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Adjunct-818
Walther, Sue Community/government Relations Administrative Assistant Kenosha 2625643612
McNamara, Judi Employee Benefits Administrative Assistant, Benefits Kenosha 2625643034
Strash, Terry Employee Benefits Administrative Assistant, Benefits Kenosha 2625643034
Kluchka, Jane Advanced Technology Centers Administrative Assistant, Business and Workforce Solutions IMET 2628987514
Lawrence, Magan Staffing Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Kenosha 2625642358
Olson, Jennifer Distance Learning Administrative Assistant, Learning Innovation/CIO Kenosha 2625642994
Schneider, Denise Student Success Admin Administrative Assistant, Student Success Kenosha 2625642942
Schildhouse, Jacqueline Gen Instruction/administrators Administrative Assistant, Vice President/Provost Kenosha 2625643040
Brown, Kimberly Admissions Admissions Associate Elkhorn 2627418402
Appenzeller, Mary Student Services Admin. Admissions Associate Elkhorn 2627418178
Ashworth, Sarah Student Services Admin. Admissions Associate Elkhorn 2627418164
Fiegel, Kimberlee Admissions Admissions Specialist Elkhorn 2627418408
Erickson, Stacey Apprenticeship Admin Apprenticeship Secretary IMET 2625642950
Thibodeau, John Institutional Effectiveness Assistant Provost/Vice President for Institutional Effective Kenosha 2625643050
Jansen, Travis Gen Instruction/Administration Assistant Registrar, Degree Audit & Curriculum Racine 2626196470
Dinkins, Jolanda Gen Instruction/Administration Assistant Registrar, Registration & Transfer Credit Racine 2626196366
Debe, Sue Admin/financial Services Assistant to the CFO & Vice President, Administration Kenosha 2625643098
Harpe, Mary President/director's Office Assistant to the President Kenosha 2625643018
Bartlett, Kelly President/director's Office Assistant to the President Kenosha 2625643614
Jenrette, Paulette Human Resources Assistant to the Vice President Human Resources & Facilitie Kenosha 2625643064
LaMacchia, Teresa Gen Instruction/administrators Associate Dean, Academic Operations Kenosha 2625642726
Fullington, Joseph Business Administration Associate Dean, Business Kenosha 2625642638
Whynott, Anne Research, Planning,evaluation Associate Vice President, Research, Planning, & Development Kenosha 2625642758
Riley, Stacy Ss Enrollment Services Admin Associate Vice President, Student Success Kenosha 2625643108
Aldrich, Janice Health/practice Lab Auto-Tutorial Lab Assistant - Elkhorn Elkhorn
Simpson, Anne Health/practice Lab Auto-Tutorial Lab Assistant - Elkhorn
Brummel, Cheryl Admissions Background/Health Information Associate Elkhorn 2627418156
Saylor, Erika Barbering/cosmetology Barber Cosmetology Aide Racine 2626196210
Olsen, Dena Barbering/cosmetology Barbering Technologist Aide Kenosha 2625643194
Vaness, Arlene Ems Admin Blueprint for Prosperity Assistant Burlington 2627675756
Slater, Stephanie Genl Admin Distr Blueprint for Prosperity Training Grant Coordinator Burlington 2627675338
Mendez, Thalia Gen Instit Administrative Business Resource Specialist IMET 2628987404
Miller, Michelle Wedd Business Workforce Solutions Associate IMET 2628987512
Berndt, Julie Academic Admin Campus Affairs Aide Elkhorn 2627418196
Riley, Eva Technical Campus Affairs Associate Kenosha 2625643082
Adams, Vickie Service & Health Occupations Campus Affairs Associate Racine 2626196444
Simmons, Terry Academic Admin Campus Affairs/Dean of Service Occupations Burlington 2627675360
Putze, Brenda Health Sciences Admin Campus Dean Associate Elkhorn 2627418514
Hickman, Roxie Health Sciences Admin Campus Program Associate Racine 2626196412
McCray, Kevin Career Services Career Counselor Racine 2626196534
Eisch, Sheri Career Services Career Counselor Kenosha 2625642720
Wilkes, Steven Career Services Career Counselor Elkhorn 2627418522
Pfaff, Elsa Academic Operations Casual
Liberski, Bruce Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual Burlington
Kane, Aleah Advanced Technology Centers Casual Kenosha
Conlon, Susan Physical Therapist Assistant Casual
Kruse, Crista Wedd Casual
Cook, Jay Industrial Equipment Mech Casual
Barry-Watson, Theresa Student Support Services Casual Kenosha 2625642318
Vorpagel, Timothy Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Hultin, Summer Advanced Technology Centers Casual
Heckel, Lisa Nursing Casual Burlington
Padgett, Travis Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Dawson, Marisa Academic Operations Casual
Lott, Glenn Bldg Maint-racine Casual Racine 2626196476
Blodgett, Michael Paramedic - Wedd Casual
Cech, Kevin Emergency Medical Services Casual
Russell, Kristen Academic Operations Casual
Aleksinski, Sheryl Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Elkhorn
McCarthy, Emmet Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Anderson, Connie Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Kenosha
Acklam, Kert Academic Operations Casual
Smallwood-Rideaux, Phyllis Supervision/leadership Casual
Brown, Claire Marketing & Communications Casual Kenosha 2625643068
Alvarez, Della Emergency Medical Services Casual
LaForge, Nicole Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Hall, Debra Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Konkol, Nathan Emergency Medical Services Casual
Doran, Michael Motorcycle/moped Driver Ed Casual
Karbouski, Olivia Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Kenosha 2625642564
Hoag, Angela Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Umnus, Edward Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Saskill, Autumn Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Wilckens, Lisa Nursing Casual Kenosha 2625642114
Burg, Marvin Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Janaszek, Barb Academic Admin Casual Elkhorn 2627418514
Kempf, Steven Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Tabrizi, Pusaporn Mathematics Casual
Alvarez, Christian Printing/mds System Casual Kenosha 2625643710
Endl, Helen Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Clay, Geoffrey Academic Operations Casual
Krefft, Joseph Fire Technology Casual
Dietz, Andrew Emergency Medical Services Casual
McFarland, Megan Admissions Casual
Gomez, Martha Institutional Effectiveness Casual
Days-Kimmons, Vevlon Medical Support Casual
Bisher, Steven Emergency Medical Services Casual
Yanny, Matthew Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Rucinski, David Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Nigro, Jodie Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Kenosha
Beix, Judith Nursing Casual Burlington
Ketchpaw, Susan Student Services-elkhorn Casual
Smith, Thomas Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Vyvyan, Kevin Academic Operations Casual
McDonald, Kim Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Thomas, Kara Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Buehner, Ginger Enrollment Services Casual Elkhorn