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Name Email Department Job Title Campus Phone
Jenrette, Paulette Human Resources Assistant to the Vice President Human Resources & Facilitie Kenosha 2625643064
Jenrette, Stacey Mfg/engr & Electronics Admin Divisional Manufacturing & Engineering Associate IMET 2628987442
Jerome, Kathleen Horticulture Instructor, Horticulture/Urban Agriculture Kenosha 2625642474
Johnson, Charlie Welding Adj Inst Welding - Kenosha
Johnson, Jeffrey Fire Technology Adjunct
Johnson, Philip Fire Technology - Non Credit Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - Elkhorn Burlington
Johnson, Todd General Education Adjunct Faculty - Kenosha Kenosha
Johnson, Dezarrea English Adjunct
Johnson, Heide Alternative High School Elkhorn 2627418138
Johnson, David Building/maint-imet Custodian IMET
Johnson, Marnee Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Johnson, Jeramie J Staff Development - Kenosha Professional Non-Faculty Casual
Johnson, Jerrilyn Professional Non-Faculty Casual
Johnson, Rosalind RUSD Racine 2626196352
Johnson, Jay Communication Skills Instructor, Communication Skills Kenosha 2625642682
Johnson, Sharon Admin/financial Services Controller Kenosha 2625643164
Johnson, Jeff William Assessment/quality Enhancement Program Information Specialist Kenosha 2625642930
Johnson, Karen Graphics/Printing/Publishing Adj Inst Graphic Tech Des - K
Johnson, Allan Painting & Decorating Adj Inst - Painting & Decorating - R
Jones, Jason Automated Manufacturing Instructor, Automated Manufacturing/Electromechancial Techno Elkhorn 2627418410
Jones, Carol Adj Inst GD for TS
Jones, Noelle Logistics/matls Mgmt Adjunct
Jones, Ricky Other Instructional Resources Distance Learning Support Technician Kenosha 2625643706
Jones, Cynthia Adjunct Faculty
Juarez, Reyna Gen Education Admin Divisional Dean Associate, General Education Racine 2625643114
Jung, Peter Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct
Jurasovich, Ann Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct 502
Kaebisch, Robert Civil Technology Instructor, Civil Engineering/Structural IMET 2628987474
Kaebisch, Catherine Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - K Burlington
Kaiser, Dawn Disability Support Services Instructor, Disability Support Services Kenosha 2625642570
Kaiser, Morgan Nursing Health Technology Learning Center Simulation Specialist Kenosha 2625642122
Kalbas, Edward General Education Adjunct Faculty
Kaley, Jennifer Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study
Kamm, Cindy
Kane, Christopher English As A Second Language Adjunct-861
Kane, Aleah Advanced Technology Centers Casual Kenosha
Kane, Joshua Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - K
Kannel, Jeff Kenosha 2625642482
Kappeler, Colleen
Karaway, Ginger English As A Second Language Instructor, Adult Basic Education/Reading Kenosha 2625642484
Karwowski, Kenneth Trade & Industry Instructor Welding - Elkhorn Elkhorn
Kasper, Kyle Power Plant Engineer Adj Inst Power Plant Eng - R
Kasulke, David Emergency Medical Service Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Kaufman, Michael It- Network & Infrastructure Wide Area Network Technician Kenosha 2625642486
Kavis, Cynthia Nursing Adjunct
Keck-Lang, Judith Adjunct
Kehring, Justin Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Director, Student Financial Aid Kenosha 2625642412
Keisler, Anthony It- Network & Infrastructure Casual 100 Elkhorn
Kelley, Lisa Casual
Kelley, Dawn Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study
Kellner, Tina Early Childhood Education Adj Inst Child Care - K
Kelnhofer, Iley Nursing Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625642728
Kemen, Tim Air Conditioning & Ref Tech Adj Inst HVAC - Kenosha
Kemp, Jason Academic Advising Academic Adviser Elkhorn 2627418332
Kempf, Steven Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Kempf, Donna Dental Instructor, Dental Assistant Kenosha 2625642864
Kendall, Kyle Foreign Language Instructor, Spanish Kenosha 2625642630
Kendra, Kelly It- Network & Infrastructure Computer Support Technician Elkhorn 2627418414
Kennedy, Thomas International Study Adjunct
Kerhin, Matthew
Kerkman, Julie Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - BISD
Kerr, Janet Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study
Kessel, Benjamin Dispatcher Adjunct
Ketchpaw, Susan Student Services-elkhorn Casual
Khan, Iman Academic Operations Professional Non-faculty
Kim, Eunkyung Mathematics Adj Inst Mathematics - Kenosha
Kinard, Isha Police Science- Non Credit Casual
Kincaid, Michelle Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study
Kincaid, Otis It- Network & Infrastructure Computer Support Technician Elkhorn 2627418458
King, Jacki Health Careers Adj Inst Medical Transcrip - R Racine 2626197330
King, Chris Fire Technology - Non Credit Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - B
Kinis, Takis It Pa/web/e-business Instructor, Web Racine 2626196710
Kirk, Vanessa Adjunct Faculty
Kirkwood, Larry Academic Development Instructor, Academic Development/Mathematics Racine 2626196542
Kis, Stephen English As A Second Language Adjunct
Kjaer, Jens Automotive Technology Adjunct
Klabunde, Cynthia Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Klemm, Melvina English Paraprofessional II Racine 2626196554
Klemp, Wendy IT - Programming and Web Instructor, Information Technology Kenosha 2625642678
Klett, Mike Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Adjunct-818
Klinzing, Elizabeth Business Administration Divisional Dean Associate Elkhorn 2627418190
Kluchka, Jane Advanced Technology Centers Administrative Assistant, Business and Workforce Solutions IMET 2628987514
Kluka, Barbara Foreign Language Adj Inst Foreign Language - K
Knight, William Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Knippel, Ryan Emergency Medical Services Casual Burlington
Knudson, Dawn Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct 502
Knudson, Laura English Instructor, English as a Second Language Racine 2626196834
Knudson, Carol Library/Learning Resources Adj Librarian - Kenosha Kenosha
Kober, Lisa Wedd Divisional WEDD Associate IMET 2625642498
Kobriger, Jerome Automotive Technology-wedd Instructor, Automotive Racine 2628987476
Koch, Michael Fire Technology Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - R Burlington
Koch, Sarah Advanced Technology Centers Casual Racine
Koepnick, Patricia Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Koepp, Rene Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Kohler, Diane Bursar/student Finances Use 22351
Kohler, Clifford Marketing Adj Inst Marketing - Kenosha
Kokan, Anjie Esl - Wedd 19J Inst Esl - Bisd
Kolbow, Sandra Business Administration Casual
Kolens, Francesca Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct 502
Koll, Elizabeth Nursing Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625642712