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Namesort descending Email Department Job Title Campus Phone
Chelsea, Stanley Logistics/matls Mgmt Adjunct
Cheney, Dean Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study Elkhorn
Chiaravalloti, Kristin Service Learning Specialist Racine
Chittenden, Kallie Sustainable Center Admin Center for Sustainable Living Program Manager Kenosha 2625642196
Chrisman, Gerald General Education Instructor Mathematics - Raci Racine 2626196372
Christensen, Vicki Admin/financial Services Finance A/P Associate Kenosha 2625642574
Christiansen, Kurt Sheet Metal Adj Inst Sheet Metal - Racine
Christianson, Jennifer Marketing Instructor, Marketing Racine 2626196420
Christman, Sandra Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct 502
Christman, Rachel Ss Enrollment Services Admin Student Services Center Manager Kenosha 2625642350
Cikel, Shelley Medical Support Adj Inst Nursing - Racine
Ciriacks, Lisa Emergency Medical Service Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Clack, Lisa Fire Technology - Non Credit Nursing Lab Assistant
Clapp, Kenneth Radiologic Technology Adjunct Burlington
Clark, Ed Colleague State Reporting/Software Development Administrator Kenosha 2625642382
Clark, Gwendolyn
Clark, Thomas Emergency Medical Services 14J Inst Emergency Medical Services - Burlington
Clark Jr, Raymond Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Clausen, Anna Marketing & Merchandising Mgmt Adj Inst Marketing - Kenosha
Clay, Geoffrey Academic Operations Casual
Clifford, Colleen Educational Services Adjunct-522 Burlington
Clover, Michael
Cole, David Radio Station - Gen Mgmt General Manager WGTD- FM91.1 Kenosha 2625643030
Cole, Andrew
Coleman, Christine Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Coleman, Mary Medical Support Casual Kenosha
Collum, Rudy Academic Development Instructor, Adult High School/History Racine 2626196358
Colony, Lee Marketing & Communications Marketing Communication Specialist Kenosha 2625642512
Coloriano, Jomarie Student Support Activities Student Support Specialist Racine 2626196440
Comer, Karen Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Racine 2626196360
Common, Rashi Social Services Learning Success Coach, Human Services Racine 2626196560
Conlon, Susan Physical Therapist Assistant Casual
Conner, Valerie Staff Development - Kenosha Professional Non-Faculty Casual
Connolly, Colleen Communication Skills Instructor, Communications Kenosha 2625642966
Connolly, Maureen Adj Inst Horticulture - Kenosha
Conyn, John Emergency Medical Service Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Cook, Michael Sheet Metal Adj Inst Sheet Metal - Racine
Cook, Laura Nursing Casual Kenosha 2625642114
Cook, Christina Child Development Instructor, Early Childhood Education Racine 2626196594
Cook, Jay Industrial Equipment Mech Casual
Cooks, Sonya Nursing and Nursing Related Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625642520
Cooper, Nicole Intern - Studnet Services
Cornejo, Javier Criminal Justice Adj Inst Police Science - K
Cosey, Tameeka Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study Racine
Costello, Michael Social Science Instructor, Psychology Racine 2626196344
Cotter, Mary Nursing Casual
Cotton, Michael Bldg Maint-kenosha Custodian Kenosha 2625642702
Cox, Patricia Computer Software Adj Inst Computer Software _ BISD
Cozzi, Diane Nursing Instructor, Nursing Burlington 2627675328
Crain, James
Crane, Peggy Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - R Racine 2626196788
Crawford, Thomas Social Services Instructor, AODA/Human Services Racine 2626196620
Crawford, Desmond Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study Racine
Croce, Sherry Admin/financial Services Finance Associate Kenosha 2625643008
Cunningham, Jo Anne Acad Supp/mathematics Adjunct
Curi, Susan Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Racine 2626196362
Curtis, Christopher Bldg Maint-racine Custodian Racine
Czerniak, Thomas Emergency Medical Services Adj Inst Emergency Med Serv - Racine
Czerwinski, John Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - Elkhorn
Dahms, John Fire Technology Instructor, Fire Science Burlington 2627675136
Dailey, John Racine Unified Act 39 Racine
Damico, Michael Computer Info Sys Adj Inst CIS - Kenosha
Daniels, Gregory Bldg Maint-kenosha First Shift Custodian Kenosha 2625642118
Danoski, Debra Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Svcs Adjunct
Dar, Shahida Natural Science Instructor, Life Sciences Kenosha 2625643126
Dar, Umer Mathematics Adj Inst Mathematics - Kenosha
Dashev, Sava Mathematics Adj Inst Mathematics - Kenosha
Davidson, Deborah Advanced Technology Centers Vice President, Business and Workforce Solutions IMET 2625643422
Davis, Donnetta Communication Skills Instructor, Communications Skills Racine 2626196818
Davis, Nathan It- Network & Infrastructure Student Casual Elkhorn
Davis, James Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual Burlington
Dawson, Marisa Academic Operations Casual
Days, Janet Academic Advising Academic Adviser Racine 2626196754
Days-Kimmons, Vevlon Medical Support Casual
Dean, Sheryl Academic Operations Professional Non-faculty
Debe, Sue Admin/financial Services Assistant to the CFO & Vice President Administration Kenosha 2625643098
Deering, Brianna Staff Development - Kenosha Professional Non-Faculty Casual
DeGarmo, Michael Fire Technology - Non Credit Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - B
Delagrave, Jonathan Social Services Adj Inst Human Serv Assoc - K
DeLeon, Helene It Hardware/intro Adjunct - E-Business
DelFrate, John Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Delgado, Andrea Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs Student Finance Specialist Kenosha 2625642986
DeLuca, Grace Library/lrc-racine Casual-Librarian Kenosha
Dembowski, Katie Non-Instructional 930 New Student Specialist Kenosha 2625642352
Denning, Tina Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
DeRose, Danielle Staff Development - Kenosha Professional Non-Faculty Casual
DeRosier, Lawrence Emergency Medical Service Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Deschler, Steven Police Science- Non Credit Adj Tch Asst Police - Burlington
Devlin, Mary Health/practice Lab Auto-Tutorial Lab Assistant - Elkhorn
Diaz, Guillermina Library/lrc-racine Library Assistant I Racine 2626196340
Diderrich-Miskinis, Jodene English As A Second Language Adjunct
Dietz, Andrew Emergency Medical Services Casual
Dinauer, Jacob Emergency Medical Services Casual
Dinkins, Jolanda Gen Instruction/Administration Assistant Registrar, Registration & Transfer Credit Racine 2626196366
Dipper, Laura Housing & Home Furnishings Adj Inst Interior Design - K
Dischler-Noreen, Kate Basic Education Adj Inst Adult Basic Ed 016 K Kenosha 2625643112
Divan, Daniel Emergency Medical Service Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Djuplin, Wesley Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Dobbe, Ashley Electives Casual Kenosha 2625642464
Doherty, Tanya Bursar/student Finances Student Finance Specialist Racine 2626196334