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Name Email Department Job Title Campus Phone
Abrego, Maria Ss Enrollment Services Admin Student Services Center Manager Elkhorn 2627418316
Adams, Vickie Service & Health Occupations Campus Affairs Associate Racine 2626196444
Adams, Jonathan
Admin, EMS
Aiello, Kari Marketing Instructor, Marketing Kenosha 2625642528
Ainsworth, Diane Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Aird, Colleen Social Science Instructor, Vanguard Pyschology/Sociology Elkhorn 2627418524
Albrecht, Bryan President/director's Office President/CEO Kenosha 2625643610
Albright, Thomas
Alderson, Robert Const Elect-apprn Instructor, Electrical Construction Apprenticeship IMET 2628987488
Allen, Elizabeth Foundation Foundation Database Specialist Kenosha 2625643622
Allred, Mandria Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Financial Aid Specialist-Awarding Kenosha 2625643072
Almazan, Gerardo Air Conditioning & Ref Tech Instructor, HVAC - Kenosha Kenosha 2625642435
Almond, Patricia Barbering/cosmetology Barber Cosmetology Aide Racine 2626196361
Alonzo, Joaquin Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Andersen, Eric
Anderson, Amy Administrative Center Grants Administrator Kenosha 2625642306
Andreoli, Khloe
Andreucci, Lori Medical Assistant Instructor, Medical Assistant Racine 2626196604
Andrews, George Bldg Maint-kenosha Manager, Facilities Elkhorn 2627418506
Andrews, Tricia Library/lr-kenosha Library Aide Kenosha 2625642394
Antlfinger, Paula Nursing Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625642706
Apilado, Anthony It- Network & Infrastructure Local Area Network Technician Kenosha 2625643708
Appenzeller, Mary Student Services Admin. Admissions Associate Elkhorn 2627418178
Armstrong, Kristin
Aschauer, John Server & Virtual Technology Computer Support Technician Kenosha 2625642525
Asma, Elaine English As A Second Language Instructor, Adult Basic Education/English Language Learner Kenosha 2625642410
Asselin, Kenneth Fire Technology Adjunct
Aswege, Brandon Enrollment Services Student Express Associate/Campus Cashier Elkhorn 2627418372
Augustyn, Steven Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Aushwitz, Michael Veterinary Science Adjunct
Avila, Jose Nursing Instructor, Nursing Burlington 2627675316
Babb, Benjamin English Adjunct
Badillo, Linda English Transition Specialist Kenosha 2625642338
Badillo, Guadalupe English Paraprofessional III Racine 2626386458
Baldwin, Nicholas
Baldwin Grimes, Mary IT - Information Technology Instructor, CIS Network Specialist Racine 2626196316
Barker, Kristen Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - K
Barnes, Brian Intro To College Writing Adjunct
Barnes, Michelle Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Instructor, Criminal Justice Racine 2626196614
Barribeau, Richard Technical Communications Instructor, Technical Communications Racine 2626196822
Barsch, Michael Accounting Adj Inst Accounting - Kenosha
Bartlett, Kelly President/director's Office Executive Assistant to the President Kenosha 2625643614
Bauman, Natalie Server & Virtual Technology Computer Support Technician Elkhorn 2627675706
Baumann-Mader, Kathryn Mathematics Adj Inst Acad Dev/Math - K
Bayan, Julani Social Services Instructor, Human Services Racine 2626196508
Beard, Adrian Enrollment Services Student Express Associate Kenosha 2325642320
Beaver, Amy
Beck, Sandra Admin/financial Services Finance A/P Associate Kenosha 2625642916
Becker, Tulsi Nursing Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625643174
Becker, Tim It- Network & Infrastructure Infrastructure/Computer Technician Kenosha 2625642328
Beecraft, Hallie Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Adjunct-818
Behr, Nancy Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Behrens, Carly Emergency Medical Services 14J Inst Emergency Medical Services - Burlington
Beinecke, Joanie College Success Adjunct
Belcher, Mary Kay Nursing Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing Kenosha 2625643110
Bell, Bridget Pretech Communications Adjunct
Bell, Michael
Bell, Bithia Academic Operations Casual
Bell, Cheryl Mathematics Adj Inst Acad Dev/Math - K
Belotti, David English Adjunct
Beltran, Cynthia Academic Advising Academic Advisor Racine 2625642526
Benoit, Mike Supervision/leadership Instructor, Supervisory Management Racine 2626196760
Berg, Greg Radio Station - Gen Mgmt Fine Arts Director Kenosha 2625642336
Bergo, Linda Medical Assistant Adj Inst Medical Assistant - E
Berndt, Julie Academic Admin Campus Affairs Aide Elkhorn 2627418196
Bernhardt, Ericka Industrial Administration Divisional Dean Associate IMET 2625642684
Bernier, Daniel
Berrier, James Bldg Maint-kenosha Mechanic Kenosha 2627675072
Betker, Laura
Betrabet, Geeta Natural Science Instructor, Natural Science Kenosha 2625642578
Bieri, Brian Basic Education Adj Inst Adult Basic Ed 016 K
Billerbeck, Franklin Speech Adj Inst Speech - Racine Racine 2626197320
Binter, Rudolph Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Bisher, Steven Emergency Medical Services 14J Inst Emergency Medical Services - Burlington
Bjorge, Carl
Blake, Jaimie Bldg Maint-kenosha Cleaner Kenosha
Bland, Ginger Nursing Adjunct
Blandford, William Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K Kenosha
Blasiman, Brett Electrical Technology 18J Inst Electronic Tech - K
Bliss, Jeffrey Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct
Blue, Mary Server & Virtual Technology Virtual Learning Specialist Burlington 2627675354
Bohn, Selina Staffing Manager, Compensation Kenosha 2625643078
Booker, Mattie Mathematics Adj Inst Acad Dev/Math - K
Boone, David
Boothe, Anthony Bldg Maint-kenosha Custodian Kenosha 2625642356
Borgardt, Matthew Aeronautics Instructor, Aeronautics Horizon 2625643932
Boyd, Felecia Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct 502
Brack, Patti Pretech Communications Adjunct Kenosha 2625642956
Brady, Barbara Nursing Instructor, Nursing Burlington 2625643172
Brand, Kelly Admin/office Assistant Instructor, Business Management Elkhorn 2626196462
Brandt, Kristal Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Braun, Tracey Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Breach, Narees Library/lrc-elkhorn Library Secretary Elkhorn 2627418242
Brechue, Austin Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct
Brinkman, Patrick Library/lrc-racine Library Technician Racine 2626196414
Brooks, Lawrence Bldg Maint-racine Custodian Racine
Brott, Carla English As A Second Language Adjunct
Brouk, Soheila Social Science Instructor, Psychology Kenosha 2626196330
Brown, Nakeesha Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K