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Name Emailsort descending Department Job Title Campus Phone
Callewaert, Charyl Enrollment Services Student Express Associate Racine 2625642485
Campbell, Christine Lid Systems Learning Innovation Division Support Specialist Kenosha 2625642510
Campbell, Marvin End User Computing Director, End User Computing & Distance Learning Support Kenosha 2625642144
Carr, Alan Fire Technology - Non Credit Lead Instructor - ACE
Carstens Berberich, Jodie Academic Operations Scheduling Specialist Kenosha 2625643904
Cascio, Stephanie Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Student Finance Specialist Racine 2625642142
Casso, Patricia Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct - SoPHS
Castro, Juancarlos Hs Basic Abe Success Skills Instructor, Adult Basic Education (WIG) Racine 2625642173
Causey, Irene Academic Operations Academic Operations Aide Racine 2625642324
Cellak, Thaddeus Advanced Manufacturing Instructor, Advanced Manufacturing IMET 2625643135
Cerminara, Rhonda Purchasing Purchasing Agent Kenosha 2625642568
Cervantes Maldonado, Gilberto Electrical Technology Adjunct - Electrical Engineering Technician
Chapko, Nancy Curriculum Center Instructional Design Strategist Burlington 2625642079
Chapman, Gregory Mechanical Technology Instructor, Mechanical Design IMET 2625642674
Charpentier, Jennifer Foundation Foundation Executive Director Kenosha 2625642866
Chase, Susan Admin/financial Services Accounting Associate Kenosha 2625642762
Chitwood, Carl Law Enforcement Academy Law Enforcement Training Technician Kenosha 2625643162
Christensen, Samuel Social Science Adjunct - Social Science
Christman, Sandra Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Kenosha 2625642158
Clark, Marcia Business Management Adjunct - Business Management
Clark Jr, Raymond Law Enforcement Academy Instructor, Law Enforcement Academy Kenosha 2625643115
Clark, Roseana Industrial Administration Dean Associate IMET 2625642660
Clasen, Thomas Fire Technology Lead Instructor - Credit - SoPHS
Cole, David Radio Station - Gen Mgmt General Manager WGTD- FM91.1 Kenosha 2625643030
Coleman, Christine Communication Skills Adjunct - Comm Skills Kenosha
Colony, Lee Community/government Relations Manager, Communications and Media Relations Kenosha 2625642512
Coloriano, Jomarie Student Support Services Director of Inclusive Excellence Racine 2625642424
Comcowich, Gretchen Communication Skills Instructor, Communications Kenosha 2625642813
Concannon, Marikay Social Science Adjunct - Psychology
Conklin, Maureen Library/lr-kenosha Library Technician Kenosha 2625642540
Connolly, Colleen Communication Skills Instructor, Communications Kenosha 2625642966
Cook, Jeanine Hs Basic Abe Success Skills Instructor, Adult Basic Education (WIG) Racine 2625642138
Cook, Michael Fire Technology Lead Instructor - Credit - SoPHS
Cooks, Sonya Nursing Adjunct - Soh Kenosha 2625642520
Corwith, James Fire Technology - Non Credit Lead Instructor - ACE
Cosey, Tameeka Learning Success Welcome Center Associate, Learning Success Center Racine 2625642335
Costello, John Semi Over The Road Adjunct - SBT
Costello, Michael Social Science Instructor, Psychology Racine 2625642146
Cotton, Michael Bldg Maint-kenosha Custodian Kenosha 2625642702
Crawford, Desmond Bldg Maint-racine Custodian (RAC) 2nd Racine 2625642428
Crawford, Thomas Social Services Instructor, AODA/Human Services Racine 2625642549
Crifase, Daniel Welding Instructor, Welding Elkhorn 2625642699
Cunningham, Jo Anne Acad Supp/mathematics Adjunct - PCMP
Curtis, Christopher Bldg Maint-kenosha Mechanic - LEAD Racine 2625642160
Czerwinski, Craig Aeronautics Instructor, Aeronautics Horizon 2625643916
Dahl, Kyle Fire Technology - Non Credit Lead Instructor - ACE
Dahms, John Fire Technology Instructor, Fire Science Burlington 2625642059
Dakwar, Nader Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Burlington 2625642913
Dakwar, Sarah Marketing Instructor, Marketing & Business Kenosha 2625642395
Darras, Brice Social Science Instructor, Social Sciences Elkhorn 2625643166
Dar, Shahida Natural Science Instructor, Life Sciences Kenosha 2625643126
Daulton, Jonathan Welding Adjunct - Welding
Davis, Donnetta Communication Skills Instructor, Communications Racine 2625642611
Davis, Dwight Building Security Director, Safety and Security Kenosha 2625642812
Davis, Thomas Diesel Instructor, Auto/Diesel Horizon 2625643177
Debe, Oliver General Studies Instructor, Gateway to Success Racine 2625642126
Debe, Sue Admin/financial Services Assistant to Cfo - Vp of Finance / Risk Mgmt. Coordinator Kenosha 2625643098
Deering, Brianna English As A Second Language Instructor, English Language Learner (ELL) Elkhorn 2625642948
DeGrave, Gavin Fire - Wedd Lead Instructor - PDW
Dembowski, Katie Bws Director, Account Management IMET 2625642655
Denson, Aneisha College Success Adjunct - Gateway to Success Racine
DeRose, Mark End User Computing Computer Support Technician Kenosha 2625643674
Desotelle, Erik Horticulture Adjunct - Horticulture
Diaz, Guillermina Library/lrc-racine Library Assistant I Racine 2625642145
Diaz, Jaileen Bws Account Manager, Business & Workforce Solutions IMET 2625643265
Diaz-Navarro, Vanessa Medical Assistant Instructor, Medical Assistant Racine 2625643151
Diderrich-Miskinis, Jodene English As A Second Language Adjunct - PCMP
Dissmore, Riley Automotive Technology Instructor, Automotive Technology Horizon 2625643168
Dobbe, Ashley Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct - SoPHS Kenosha
Doherty, Eric End User Computing Manager, End Point Technology Kenosha 2625643178
Doherty, Tanya Bursar/student Finances Student Accounts School Certifying Official Kenosha 2625642482
Domes, Derrick It- Network & Infrastructure Director, Information Technology Kenosha 2625643740
Domes, Robert Library/lr-kenosha Library Technician Cataloging/Acquisitions Kenosha 2625642654
Dosemagen, Debra Nursing Instructor, Nursing - Racine Racine 2625642686
Douglas, Cina Physical Therapist Assistant Adjunct - Phys Therap Asst
Doyle, Deanna Mathematics Adjunct - Acad Dev/Math
Draper, Karen Learning Success Welcome Center Associate, Learning Success Center Kenosha 2625642006
Duckworth, Tanner High School Partnerships Distance Learning Support Technician - 1st Kenosha 2625643208
Duczak, Jeffrey Welding Instructor, Welding Racine 2625642547
Duczak, Samantha High School Partnerships Manager, Dual Credit Kenosha 2625642322
Due, Shari It Network/communications Instructor, Cis Network Specialist Racine 2625642174
Dugan, Elizabeth Recreation/tourism Instructor, Hospitality Management Program Racine 2625642465
Duncan, Tracy Accounting Adjunct - Accounting
Dunn, Danyanna Student Support Services Student Support Specialist Racine 2625642439
Du Prey, Michael Mathematics Instructor, Natural Science Elkhorn 2625642709
Duran, Mercedes Ss Enrollment Services Admin Re-Entry Navigator Racine 2625642739
Durick, Stephanie Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct - SoPHS
Dutton, Jeremy Numerical Contract Bws Instructor, CNC/Tool & Die IMET 2625642571
Dutton, Nicole Natural Science Instructor, Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology Racine 2625642086
Dutton, Paul Fire Technology Lead Instructor - Credit - SoPHS
Dzbinski, Robert Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adjunct - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement
Earnest, Melissa High School Partnerships Dual Credit Specialist - 1st Shift (lte) Elkhorn 2625642949
Easley, Maybelle Mathematics Adjunct - Acad Dev/Math Racine
Eder, Mark Diesel Instructor, Diesel Program Kenosha 2625643193
Edwards, Felicia It- Network & Infrastructure Local Area Network Technician Kenosha 2625643712
Ehlers, Paul Supervision/leadership Instructor, Leadership Development Racine 2625642576
Eide, Jill Electrical Engineering Instructor, Electrical Engineering Technology IMET 2625642650
Eisch, Sheri Career Services Career Counselor Kenosha 2625642720
Elliott, David President/director's Office Administrative Assistant, President's Office Kenosha 2625643614
Ellis, Dustin Fire Technology - Non Credit Lead Instructor - ACE