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Name Email Department Job Title Campussort ascending Phone
Anguiano, Mariana Bldg Maint-racine Casual Racine
Ruiz, Alysia Admin/office Assistant Instructor, Office Technology Racine 2626196434
Due, Shari IT - Information Technology Instructor, Cis Network Specialist Racine 2626196378
Oertel, Joel Bldg Maint-racine First Shift Custodian Racine 2626196574
Packard, Lisa Communication Skills Instructor, Communication Racine 2626196596
Roberts, Lisa Medical Support Health Professional Occupation Program Specialist Racine 2626196442
James, Michelle Testing Services Director, Testing Services Racine 2625642542
Schneider, James Academic Admin Conference Center Coordinator Racine 2626196626
McBride, James Campus Security Security Racine
Phifer, Clairista Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Racine 2626196234
Baldwin Grimes, Mary IT - Information Technology Instructor, CIS Network Specialist Racine 2626196316
Buhnerkemper, Richard Machine Tool/CNC Technology Instructor, CNC/Machine Tool Racine 2626196650
Holden, Marilyn Admin/office Assistant Instructor, Office Technology Racine 2626196460
Curtis, Christopher Bldg Maint-racine Custodian Racine
Torres, Jose Bldg Maint-racine Cleaner Racine
Riley, Kenneth Student Support Services Student Support Specialist Racine 2626196450
Swanson, Alyssa It- Network & Infrastructure Casual 100 Racine
Obowu, Chinedu Academic Admin International Education Coordinator Racine 2626196546
Ellis, Shakyra Enrollment Services Casual Racine
Larkin, Adam Culinary Arts Instructor, Culinary Arts Racine 2626197652
Knudson, Laura English Instructor, English as a Second Language Racine 2626196834
Cook, Christina Child Development Instructor, Early Childhood Education Racine 2626196594
Konwent, Cheryl Accounting Instructor, Accounting Racine 2626196654
McGee, Linda Accounting Instructor, Accounting Racine 2626196766
Sullivan, Jean Food Service Catering Technical Assistant Racine 2626196648
Pham, Peter Graphic Designer Instructor, Graphic Design Technology Racine 2626196550
Pirnstill, Brenda Child Development Adj Inst Child Care - K Racine
Dominguese, Dave Bldg Maint-racine Lead Custodian/Mechanic Racine
Foro, Jennifer Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Svcs Adjunct Racine 2626196802
Costello, Michael Social Science Instructor, Psychology Racine 2626196344
Verbeten, Susan Guidance/Counseling Instructor, Adult High School Racine 2626196666
Stoebe, Gina Social Services Instructor, Human Services Associate Racine 2626197642
Hoernke, Donald Const Elect-apprn Adj Inst Elect Appr. Racine
Dailey, John Racine Unified Act 39 Racine
Jasperson, Jack Fire Technology Instructor, Fire Science/Emt Racine 2624925875
Schwellenbach, Sandy Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Divisional Dean Associate, General Education Racine 2626196848
Ferba Davis, Michelle Enrollment Services Student Express Associate Racine 2626196342
Collum, Rudy Academic Development Instructor, Adult High School/History Racine 2626196358
Fickenscher, Cindy Health Information Technology Instructor, Health Information Technology Racine 2626196396
Zambo, Steve Mathematics Instructor, Mathematics Racine 2626196170
Mahdi, Nader Adj Inst Natural Science - K Racine 2626196694
Ucakar, Cheryl IT - Information Technology Instructor, Microcomputer Specialist Racine 2626196820
Watson, Jacqueline Career Services Student Employment Specialist Racine 2626196390
Easley, Maybelle Basic Education Adjunct 890 Racine 2626196380
Filber, Dan Bldg Maint-racine First Shift Custodian Racine 2626196398
Hilker, Deborah Student Support Services Casual Racine 2626196680
McGee, Leanna Supervision/leadership Casual Racine 2625643144
Zimany, Donna Nursing Assistant Instructor, Nursing Assistant Racine 2626196688
Cabell, Damon Bldg Maint-racine First Shift Custodian Racine
Perkins, Anna Computer Software Adj Inst Computer Software - Racine Racine 2626196698
Suda, Jeanne It Pa/web/e-business SharePoint Outreach Specialist Racine 2626196530
Foote, Steve Racine 2625642208
Tucker, Sherry Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Racine 2626196318
Gentry, Billy Bldg Maint-racine First Shift Custodian Racine
Hamilton, Karen Acad Dev/communications Paraprofessional II Racine 2626196480
Ingalsbe, Diane English Casual Racine
Schneiderman, Nathan Natural Science Science Technical Assistant Racine 2626197186
Chapman, Ginger Student Services Admin. District Records Associate Racine 2626196836
Griffin, Natalie Social Services Instructor, Human Services Associate Racine 2626196482
Perales-Handley, Miriam English Instructor, Adult Basic Education/English Language Learner Racine 2626196484
Coloriano, Jomarie Student Support Activities Student Support Specialist Racine 2626196440
Zook, Terry Culinary Arts Culinary Arts Technical Assistant Racine 2626196568
Brand, Kelly Admin/office Assistant Instructor, Administrative Professional/Office Assistant Racine 2626196462
Malloy, Richard English Instructor, Adult High School/Communication Racine 2626196738
Maheras, Mary Jo Registrar Registration Specialist - Lead Worker - R Racine 2626196518
Sublette, Suzanne Social Science Instructor, Sociology Racine 2626196722
Mizak, Lindsey Student Support Services Student Life Specialist Racine 2626196570
Bigalke, Sherry Academic Admin International Education Secretary Racine 2626196624
Summers, Stevie Social Science Instructor, Psychology Racine 2626196628
Lin, Xiaoying Mathematics Instructor, Mathematics Racine 2626196522
Herman, Charles Air Conditioning & Ref Tech Instructor, HVAC Racine 2625642454
Duczak, Jeffrey Mfg/engr & Electronics Admin Machine Maintenance Technician/Materials Expeditor Racine 2626196618
Bremer, Kim Student Services Admin. District Records Associate Racine 2626196832
Buchmann, Jill Accounting Instructor, Accounting Racine 2626196356
Kirkwood, Larry Academic Development Instructor, Academic Development/Mathematics Racine 2626196542
Strommen, Todd Bldg Maint-racine First Shift Custodian Racine 2626196644
Schuck, Michael Civil Technology Instructor, Environmental (water) Technology Racine 2626197464
McFarland, Benjamin Welding Instructor, Welding Racine 2626196638
Rohlf, Rachel Library/lrc-racine Library Instruction and Reference Specialist Racine 2626196598
Shouse, Richard Numerical Control Instructor, CNC Technology Racine 2626196814
Terry, Rosemary Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study Racine
Grossman, Ann Business Administration Learning Success Coach, Business Management Racine 2626196516
Ewald, Debra Enrollment Services Student Express Associate/Campus Cashier Racine 2626196526
Crane, Peggy Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - R Racine 2626196788
Paradiso, Joan Social Science Instructor, Economics Racine 2626196582
Schambow, Craig Academic Development Instructor, Adult Basic Education Racine 2626196448
Assad, Assad It- Network & Infrastructure Computer Support Technician Racine 2628987536
Wendt, Ursula Computer Software Adj Inst Computer Software - K Racine
Lieu, Vincent Non-Instructional 930 New Student Specialist Racine 2626196718
Victor, Cheryl College Connections College Connection Associate Racine 2626196728
Rupp, Robin Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Instructor, Traffic Safety Racine 2626196490
Randolph, Micheal Medical Assistant Instructor, Medical Assistant Racine 2626196536
Otto-Cramer, Lizz Supervision/leadership Casual Racine 2626196730
Perez, Maria Non-Instructional 930 New Student Specialist Racine 2626196328
Chiaravalloti, Kristin Service Learning Specialist Racine
Ogren, Erik Welding Instructor, Welding Racine 2626196558
Doherty, Tanya Bursar/student Finances Student Finance Specialist Racine 2626196334
Riekkoff, Patrick Bldg Maint-racine Mechanic Racine 2626196446
Young, Brianca Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study Racine
Uttech, Mark Welding Instructor, Welding Racine 2626196682