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  • Strengths Every Day

Strengths…Every Day

Gateway Technical College is a Strengths-based College. Gateway committed to the strengths program, supported by the Gallup organization, in 2007. Based on the extensive research of Donald Clifton, the Gallup program identifies 34 strengths themes. Productivity, general employee engagement and, yes, happiness drastically increases when we are able to use our top strengths every day. Through our Strengths…Every Day programming, Gateway employees are gaining greater understanding of and respect for their own strengths and finding reasons to celebrate the unique strengths of their coworkers and students.

Gateway employees have participated in the Clifton StrengthFinder online assessment identifying their unique combination of top 5 strengths. The program will be rolled out to students over the 2017-2019 academic years.

Employee teams learn about celebrating each member’s individual strengths and the power of team-building based on the strengths each member brings to the table. A team leader can overlay the group’s goals with strengths required to achieve them. The team may seek additional members based on the strengths they need at the table.

Strengths Essentials Training is provided to every employee. Role-based training—for faculty, support staff, supervisors—is underway.  

Students involved in programs such as the Gateway Promise, Student Leadership, Step-Up program, and others have been introduced to Strengths…Every Day. As faculty are trained through the role-based strengths training, they can choose to incorporate Strengths…Every Day activity in their classroom or club activities. 

For more information about Gateway’s Strengths…Every Day initiative, contact Denise Schneider​, Manager of Employee Learning,