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Student & Community Outreach

Gateway continues to increase awareness of sustainability issues among campus and community members through education and outreach and empower students, staff and community members to take sustainability actions.


Celebrate Earth Day

An annual Celebrate Earth Day event helps community members become better environmental stewards. All three main campuses host the event with activities including seminars, workshops, demonstrations and green vendors.


Green Scholars

The Green Scholars program is an exciting opportunity to become involved in sustainability activities around Gateway Technical College. Students that complete the program graduate with the Green Scholar distinction and receive other sustainable participation gifts.

Participation in the program is easy. Visit the Green Scholars page to learn more and to sign up. Be part of the solution!

For additional information, contact Sue Walther at or (262) 564-3612.

Green Print

Gateway’s "Green Print" initiative is aimed at reducing the college’s carbon footprint by streamlining ink cartridge recycling, reducing the number of machines in use and eliminating unnecessary printing. The effort requires staff and students to use more centrally located machines and to login to print, allowing the college to track paper and energy usage.

Visit the Printing on Campus page to learn more.