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Starting Your Semester Off Right: Get Organized!

Once this semester gets moving in the next coming weeks, you’ll eventually start to fall into a semester pattern as you inevitably do during every semester. But in order to get your semester off to the best start possible and before you fall into semester habits that are hard to break, start good habits now so they can be incorporated into your pattern throughout the semester.

There are several things you can do do make sure you get a good start to your classes. I start off every semester the same way. After the first day of each class when I’ve gotten the syllabus, I sit down at my computer, open my calendar, and write in every assignment, test, project, paper, etc. that I have due for that semester. That way I have everything for every class written down in one place. I can visually see when things are do and then strategically plan in those upcoming weeks when I need to do work ahead of time to avoid working on two major assignments at one time. It also will help you remember everything you need to do so you don’t forget to complete an assignment or prepare for a quiz.

Also, get to know your instructor!  Instructors genuinely want to help you learn-some of the best teaching occurs in after-class discussions.  If you have a question after attending a lecture or doing some reading, ask your instructor about it after class or during office hours. You get the information you need to better grasp the material, plus your instructor sees your interest and dedication.  Even if you have a perfect understanding of the class material, your instructor can still help you push yourself to do your best.

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