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Sheet Metal Apprentice

Sheet metal workers make, install, and maintain a variety of sheet metal products for homes, commercial, and industrial buildings. These products include ducts for air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems, counter tops, roofs, siding, rain gutters, skylights, outdoor signs, and air vents. Some workers specialize in fabrication, installation, or maintenance, but most do all three jobs.

General Information

Pay scale: $14.24 - $28.49 per hour

Working conditions
Those who fabricate sheet metal products work in shops that are well lighted and well ventilated. Installation work may be outside and you may do considerable bending, lifting, standing, climbing, and squatting. There is always a danger of cuts and burns when working with metal and welding.

General qualifications
Must be in good physical condition and have a valid driver's license.

Union requirements
Must be 18 years old and a high school graduate or equivalent. Must pass aptitude test and submit an application.

Length of training
The program lasts for five years consisting of no less than 10,000 hours of on-the-job training with a minimum of 504 hours of classroom instruction including some night classes.

Becoming a Sheet Metal Apprentice

  1. Go to the local union hall and fill out an application.

    Sheet metal union
    Kim Kujak 
    1840 Sycamore Avenue
    Racine, WI 53406
    Phone: 262-632-7005

  1. Have a copy of your birth certificate, high school transcript and diploma sent to the union.
  2. Pass the basic reading, writing, and math test that is required per application.
    • Testing information is available at the union. 
    • Achieve a passing score on algebra, arithmetic and reading portions of the Accuplacer test. The Accuplacer test is available at Gateway’s Kenosha & Racine campuses and the cost is $15. Contact Michelle James, Testing Manager, at (262) 564-2542.
  3. You will receive a letter of introduction. This should be presented to local contractors when applying for apprenticeship jobs. 
  4. You MUST find a contractor to hire you before you can become an apprentice.
  5. Once hired by a contractor, you will be notified that you are an apprentice.  You will be invited to meet with the Apprenticeship Committee for final approval and to sign your contract.
  6. Gateway Apprenticeship Department will notify you regarding registration, classes, and books.

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