Machinist Apprentice

Become a highly-skilled machinist and you’ll always be in-demand! Gateway’s Machinist Apprenticeship prepares you to use machine tools such as lathes and milling machines to produce precision machined parts. You’ll use the knowledge and skill developed both on-the-job and in the classroom to produce small batches of one-of-a-kind items. 

  • Earn up to $29 an hour as an established machinist.
  • Over 900 hours of blended on-the-job and classroom training provides a solid foundation for your machinist career.
  • Begin a rewarding career with no student debt--in fact, you’ll get paid to attend classes!
  • In the last year of your apprenticeship, you’ll take a Transition-to-Trainer course to prepare you to share your skills with others and take on a position of leadership in your field. 


You must also be at least 18-years-old and a high school graduate or equivalent, have a valid driver’s license and pass an aptitude test. 

Get started as a Machinist Apprentice

Finding an apprenticeship is very similar to a typical job search; openings are sometimes listed online, or you can seek out an employer who is willing to hire you as an apprentice. Apply directly to the employer’s hiring office. 

If you need assistance finding an employer who will take you on as an apprentice, please contact the local Apprenticeship Training Representative at 262-564-3210 to find an employer who has been approved to train apprentices.

Once your contract is in place Gateway’s Apprenticeship department will communicate with  you regarding registration, classes and books. 

If you need assistance getting started, Gateway’s Apprenticeship Department is happy to help.

Curriculum Sheet:
PDF icon  50-420-2 Machinist Apprentice Curriculum Sheet.pdf

Career Pathway Map:
PDF icon  Machinist Apprentice Career Pathway Map.pdf