Employer Information - Apprenticeship

Grow your own workforce with apprenticeship! The benefits of apprenticeship bloom, from building a strong team from the ground up to equipping your employees with precise hands-on training, knowledge and education. When you sponsor apprenticeship training, you invest in improving your company’s prospects for profitability and growth through a long-term commitment to training.
Apprenticeship has innumerable benefits for you and your organization, such as: 

  • Reduced turnover
  • Measurable and long-term results
  • Highly-productive skilled workers with experience using the latest technology 
  • Future manager development through a path for upward mobility 
  • Increased teamwork
  • Effective recruitment method for graduates of the Wisconsin Technical College System
  • Minimal cost 
  • State and national recognition

Gateway Technical College is here to support Apprenticeship in your organization! We’re proud to provide state-of-the-art training to your employees and develop them into the hard working leaders your team needs and can benefit from for years to come.

Get started today by contacting Gateway’s Apprenticeship Department: 262-564-2954.