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CARE BE AWARE... Working to create a safe campus community.

The Communication, Awareness, Referral and Evaluation (CARE) Team is striving to create a safe campus environment by intervening early when students or employees display behaviors of concern. Click to complete a Care Team Report Form.

CARE Team Mission Statement

The mission of the C.A.R.E. Team is to contribute to a safe campus environment by reducing potential threats and increase student success through the identification, assessment, and management of troublesome or concerning behaviors.

Purpose of the CARE Team

The purpose of the C.A.R.E. Team is to provide a route of communication, assessment, referral, and evaluation for behaviors exhibited by members of the Gateway community. This multi-disciplinary team focuses on intervening in situations involving both students and staff who are experiencing distress, or engaging in harmful or disruptive behavior.

CARE Team Members

  • CARE Team Chair – Dean of Learning Success
  • Campus Dean from each of the three campuses & Burlington Center
  • Director of Security (CARE Team Co-Chair)
  • Human Resources Director
  • Student Support Counselors from each campus of the three campuses

What are behaviors of concern and how do I report them to the CARE Team?

  • Behaviors of concern include any disruptive, disturbing, or destructive behaviors demonstrated by students, employees or visitors/guests.
  • Behavior which can be interpreted as harm or threat to self, others and/or property should be reported immediately by calling 911 and then campus security.

National Association for Behavior Intervention Teams (NaBITA) defines behaviors of concern as:

  • Distressed Behaviors: Students who may be emotionally troubled and/or impacted by situational stressors and traumatic event(s).
  • Disturbed Behaviors: Students who may be behaviorally disruptive, acting in an unusual or bizarre fashion, may be destructive and harmful to self or others and may be abusing substances.
  • Dysregulated Behavior: Students may be suicidal, para-suicidal (extreme cutting, eating disordered), engaging in risk taking behaviors (e.g. substance abusing), may be hostile, aggressive, relationally abusive and may be deficient in skills that regulate emotion, cognition, self, behavior and relationships.

In all situations, please complete the Care Team Report Form.

CARE Team Incident Review

The CARE Team meets regularly and reviews all CARE Team Reports submitted. Upon receiving a CARE Team Report through the Maxient Reporting System the CARE team takes the following steps:

  • Discuss Incident Report and information provided
  • Gather incident related information and review all documents
  • Assess Level of Risk (NaBita Threat Assessment Tool)  
  • Determine Interventions & develop CARE Plan 
  • Assign Follow tasks & determine Case Manager(s)

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Assault, Misconduct, and Harassment are violations of the Gateway Student Code of Conduct, Administrative Procedures and College Practices Manual, and can be crimes investigated by the local police.   In as much, Gateway Technical College is committed to providing our students, staff and campus visitors a safe environment.

  • Anyone wishing to file a sexual misconduct report may do so by filing a Maxient Incident Report or contact Debbie Miller, Title IX Officer at (262) 564-3220.
  • Victims of sexual assault, misconduct, or harassment can seek support by contacting any of the following Gateway staff: 
  1. Student Support Counselor – Nicole Gustafson (Kenosha) (262) 564-2332,  Katie Lohre (Racine) (262) 619-6586, or Vicki Wahler (Elkhorn) (262) 741-8380
  2. Title IX Coordinator – Debbie Miller (262) 564-3220
  3. Director, Safety & Security – Thomas J. Cousino (262) 564-2812

Additional Resource Information:

It is EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY to report any behaviors of concern and help keep our Gateway campus community safe. 


Life is Big. Be Prepared.