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Title IX - Pregnant Students

Students who are pregnant, gave birth, had a false pregnancy, terminated a pregnancy or are medically recovering from these conditions may be entitled to Title IX protections and accommodations.

Students who are pregnant or parenting have the right to:

  • Not be told to drop out or change education plans
  • Be provided a comfortable space to breastfeed or pump milk
  • Be excused from class due to pregnancy-related appointments (pre-natal, give birth, have an abortion, attend a pre-natal visit, or be on doctor ordered bed rest)
  • Not have excused absences count against a grade
  • Be provided the opportunity to make up missed work from excused absences
  • Not be harassed as a result of a pregnancy

You have rights as a pregnant/parenting student. If you need accommodations, or want to know more about those rights, contact Disability Support Services at:

  • Kenosha/Horizon/Lakeview: (262) 564-2006
  • Elkhorn/Burlington: (262) 741-8020
  • Racine/SC Johnson iMET Center: (262) 619-6216