Student Account Appeals

Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fee charges for all classes in which they register. In the event that a student encounters extenuating circumstances that have unexpectedly impacted their ability to attend and/or complete registered courses, the student may request an appeal to potentially reduce tuition and fee charges.

Please note that bookstore charges cannot be appealed.

A student that wishes to submit a Student Account Appeal should meet with a Student Finance Specialist to discuss their situation and obtain the Student Account Appeal form. Student Finance Specialists are located in the Student Services Centers on the Elkhorn, Kenosha and Racine campuses and can be reached by calling the contact center at 1-800-247-7122

A Student Account Appeal form and supporting documentation must be requested and submitted within 60 days of the end of the term being appealed in order to be reviewed.

Your student account is considered by Gateway, a non-profit institution of higher learning, to be an educational loan made to you to assist in financing your education, and therefore is not dischargeable under the United States Bankruptcy Code. The outstanding balance due on your loan is subject to finance charges as established in the current Gateway student handbook and Gateway has the right to recover any collection and/or litigation costs incurred in the collection of any amount due.

Students who believe they should not be held responsible for charges to their account due to extenuating circumstances must follow Student Account Appeals procedures. This policy will be effective in reference to debts incurred after January 1, 1992.