Billing & Payments

To check your account balance at any time, please see the My Gateway | Financial Information card. Students will be mailed a billing statement at the beginning of each semester and are expected to pay any outstanding balances by the end of each semester. An additional statement will be mailed at the end of each semester for any outstanding balances.

Failure to receive a statement is not an acceptable reason for not meeting a payment deadline or paying your bill in full. If someone else is expected to pay your bill, it is your responsibility to advise that person of these instructions.


  • When you register, you are responsible for all tuition and fees.
  • A payment option (payment plan, awarded financial aid, third party authorization, veteran benefits, etc.) must be in place by 11:59 p.m. on the day of registration to avoid having your registration canceled overnight.
  • Gateway reserves the right to withdraw students from class(es) for nonpayment. However, nonpayment does not automatically result in withdrawal.
  • Know when your tuition and fee payments are due and ensure you understand Gateway’s payment and refund policies.
  • You, the student, are responsible for all payments even if you are not the person or organization paying your bill (i.e. parent, employer, etc.).
  • Please check your Gateway email regularly, as all official college communication will be sent to that email address.