Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Gateway Technical College’s Payment Plan. Please take a few moments to become familiar with the terms and conditions.

Student must officially enroll on the Payment Plan over the web at My Gateway or at any Student Services Center. See enrollment and installment dates.

A maximum of $4,000 is allowed on the Payment Plan. Any charges over the maximum must be paid in full by the student at the time of registration and/or enrolling on the Payment Plan. Multiple payment plans for multiple terms may be open, but payments must be current to enroll on a new payment plan.

The Payment Plan is not available if you are taking less than one (1) credit for a semester. WEDD Professional Development, Motorcycle, Group Dynamics, Multiple Offender, or Traffic Safety classes cannot be on the Payment Plan.

There are four (4) installment payments due. Payment can be made with a credit card by accessing My Gateway | Financial Information | Make a Payment, or with a credit card through our Contact Center at 800-247-7122. Checks should be made out to Gateway Technical College. See the installment due dates.

Amount required to be paid: 1st installment is 25%, 2nd installment is 50%, 3rd installment is 75%, and the 4th installment is 100% of the eligible plan amount.

Any payments that are made prior to the installment due date will reduce the payment plan outstanding balance, but will not automatically eliminate the requirement to make the installment(s).

No new enrollments are allowed after the closing date; see the Payment Plan Dates webpage.

Classes that are officially dropped within the refund period may reduce the payment plan outstanding balance due. Adjustments will be reflected on the student’s account.

A statement will be sent for each installment. Payment is due even in the event a statement is not received.

Late fees of $45.00 on each installment will be added to the student’s account balance whenever the required payment amount for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th installment is not paid in full to the student’s account by the due date. There are no grace days before a late fee is assessed to a student's account. A postmark on mail will not be considered within the due date.

Financial aid students are responsible for any installment payments due until financial aid is awarded or any balance remaining if award is changed. If financial aid has not yet been awarded, the required installment payment must be made to avoid the late fee.

If funding is being arranged through an agency or a company, students are responsible for any installment payments due until the authorization has been received and processed.

Students with debts owed to Gateway Technical College will not have access to grades or transcripts, and will be unable to register for services. Their account can be turned over to a collection agency.

For general information regarding the Payment Plan, visit the Payment Plan Dates webpage or call Student Services.

Rev. 11.06.18