Academic Advising

Whether you are a new or continuing student, you should understand how an Advisor can help you achieve your goals. While your Academic Advisor is here to guide and assist you towards completion of your program, you are the most important person in fulfilling your degree requirements.

Your advisor is assigned based on your program of study and your primary campus location. To find your advisor, visit My Gateway and go to the “My Advisor” section. My Gateway will automatically update your Academic Advisor and Faculty Advisor depending on how many credits you have completed.

Students with fewer than 30 program credits toward a diploma or degree

If you are a new student or a continuing student with remedial requirements, fewer than 30 credits, or do not meet the standards for good academic standing, you should work with your Academic Advisor. Your advisor is your primary source of academic advice and assistance in interpreting placement test results, providing an overview of your program, and helping you create your academic plan and initial course schedule. They can update you on your progress in your program, review graduation requirements and provide encouragement, guidance and referrals as needed. Advisors are available by appointment in the Student Services area of each campus.

Students with 30+ program credits toward a diploma or degree

Students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor upon completion of 30+ program credits toward an associate degree or 15+ program credits toward a technical diploma. Faculty members from each program serve as Faculty Advisors to continuing students. Faculty Advisors are available during faculty office hours throughout the year and can help you plan your course schedule. Students enrolled in programs that require petitioning will be assigned faculty advisors based on successful petitioning.