Wind turbines on the Racine Campus

Sustainability Initiatives & Plan

In a continued commitment to protect the environment, the college strives to continually become more sustainable in its operation and provide education and training for emerging green industry careers. Gateway is proud to collaborate locally and nationally on a number of environmentally beneficial initiatives. As a leading provider of technical education, training and technological resources in our communities and Wisconsin, Gateway Technical College will: 

  • Establish, promote and monitor a culture of sustainability and economic responsibility throughout our business and educational policies and practices. 

  • Serve as a community model for embracing respect for the environment and be proactive in embedding related learning outcomes within and throughout all curricular areas. 

  • Embrace sustainable community development through student engagement and service learning. 

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the global need for sustainable education through the accountability standards established under the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. 

  • Achieve carbon neutrality–emitting net zero greenhouse gases–by 2030.

President’s Climate Commitment

“Through carbon measurement, energy management and facility improvements, Gateway is advancing aggressively toward our established goals for reducing our environmental impacts on the communities we serve.” –Bryan Albrecht

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Sustainability Plan

Gateway’s 2016 Sustainability report outlines our goals, plans and latest achievements surrounding sustainability.

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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

View Gateway’s Greenhouse Gas inventory and review our latest report released in 2018.

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Recycling & Waste Reduction

In order to meet our goal of increasing our waste diversion recycling rate by 50% by 2030, Gateway has worked to increase recycling education, reduce plastic water bottle usage and aggressively recycle used electronics.

Energy & Transportation

Gateway has enacted a policy that requires the college to promote and invest in energy conservation (electricity, natural gas and motor fuels), use alternative energy sources, conserve water, reuse and recycle, select environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and chemicals, maintain high indoor air quality and foster a culture around sustainability among the Gateway community.

Sustainable Policies

Gateway strives to adopt clear criteria to consider in purchasing and contracting decisions through adopting an energy-efficient procurement policy, reducing the use of printing supplies, promoting and investing in energy conservation and practicing sustainable event planning.

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