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Disbursement - Gateway Plus Card

Students who receive federal and/or state financial aid will have their funds applied to their Gateway student account. Students will be able to charge certain expenses to this account including tuition, fees and bookstore charges. After classes begin and the student's attendance is verified on the Census Date, Gateway will apply the student's financial aid award to their Gateway student account. If the student's award exceeds expenses, excess funds will be refunded to the student's GatewayPlus Card. Refer to the Student Handbook for specific disbursements dates for each semester.

The Gateway Plus Card is a quick and easy way to deliver financial aid disbursements to students. Gateway has partnered with the financial services company, Higher One, to provide this service.

A Gateway Plus debit card will be mailed to eligible Gateway Technical College financial aid applicants. You must activate your card immediately. Do not throw the Gateway Plus Card away. Even if a student does not receive a financial aid award this semester they may in the future. There is a $10 replacement fee if the lost card was never activated. There is a $20 fee to replace an activated Gateway Plus Card.

To receive financial aid disbursement (refund) from Gateway, students must:

  • Activate their Gateway Plus Card at Have the following information available:
    • The Gateway Plus card
    • An email address
    • Social Security number
    • Driver's license information (optional)
    • Routing number and bank account number (optional)
  • Choose how they would like to receive the refund. There are two options:
    • Disbursement (refund) deposited directly to the Gateway Plus Card
    • Disbursement (refund) deposited to a bank account of the students choice

A Gateway Plus Card will be mailed to the students address on file with the college. Students should verify their address on WebAdvisor or in any Student Services Center. Students should activate their Gateway Plus Card as soon as they receive it. Even if they do not receive a financial aid award this semester, they may in the future.

There are many benefits to the Gateway Plus Card, including:

  • No paper checks –disbursement (refund) is deposited directly to students Gateway Plus Card or, if they chose, into their selected bank account.
  • Students don't have to wait for the checks to arrive in the mail – direct deposit means the disbursement is deposited quickly.
  • There are several ways students can be informed that their financial aid disbursement money has arrived, including e-mail and text message.
  • Students know quickly whether their financial aid disbursement has been processed.
  • There is no screening to receive a Higher One account – great way to create an account.
  • Parents and other family members can electronically deposit money to student accounts.
  • Students' Gateway Plus Card can be used in stores and online to make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted.

The Gateway Plus Card only works as a debit card. Visit to learn more about the Gateway Plus Card.